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Black Mama, White Mama

Blend! Contaminate! Cross over! This is the solution. Races, cultures, ideas and elements. One thing that can create something interesting, fascinating or simply curious. It works with all, music, food and as you knows for female beauty (and yes... we admit also for the male but we do not care).
Not always works in the world of cinema, it must be said, but it’s not the case of this 1973 movie. The black and white is not only  in the title, but it's the explanation of a movie that blends different genres
in a good way and two protagonists aesthetically opposed.
A large numbers of things that create a nice and bizarre movie that can be appreciated by the fans of a certain cinema.

Behind this work we find Eddie Romero a Philippine director who starts from the idea seen in the award-winning "The Defiant Ones", smoothing the drama and creating an enjoyable genre movie. Eddie Romero unfortunately died in 2013 was a great director, one of the most important of his country but not only, because he has also worked for international productions making movie of  different genre with a simple but good style.
Beloved, of course, even by Tarantino, here he has the lucky to work with an exceptional cast, with the immense Pam Grier, with the blonde Margaret Markov (we see this couple also in "The Arena" ) who is a little crushed by the power of Pam and struggling with a character that doesn’t seems good for her. Finally, and perhaps most important, there is a masterful Sid Haig.
Here all works fine and there are those moments so genuinely trashy as improbable fighting scenes, short dresses, topless, and simple solutions to push the story. The movie starts with the "Women in Prison" and with the inevitable showers and the usual lesbian warden, then after about twenty minutes it moves into the adventure with shades of blaxploitation and drama.
The events here are many and is impossible to get bored watching the history of Lee (Pam Grier) and Karen (Margaret Markov). Both are imprisoned and in the jail they became enemies. During a transfer to another prison the convoy on which the two are traveling is attacked by revolutionaries who seek to free Karen (one of them but she hasn’t the look of revolutionary).
The two handcuffed together then flee into the forest. From this escape comes a powerful hunting of the two women. They are searched by the police, by the revolutionary (who wants to save them) and also by a drug dealer who accused Lee, a former prostitute, of stealing his money. In this research also ends Ruben (Sid Haig), leader of a gang involved in the mission by the corrupt police.
Lee and Karen meanwhile, still handcuffed, begin to respect each other and become friends.
Filmed in the Philippines this movie has a great funky soundtrack that has nothing to do with the place but as we said this is a great mixture and then that's fine too.