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Milano Rovente

Milan was hot in those years in which the crime was serious. Good pland, betrayals, counter- betrayals. The "mala" had its own code of ethics and if you don't misunderstood us we "mala" had a charm.
Stories that ever fire the ideas of the world of cinema and so here's another movie on the theme that follow the trail of Di Leo and some others.

Behind the camera we find Umberto Lenzi who made ​​his debut in the crime, which will see him, as we all know, as protagonist in the seventies . He wrote with the writer Franco Enna a good script, very tense and he finds also good interpreters who give their best creating good characters.
The story is a tangle of difficult situations, trafficking, betrayal, murders, but also feelings. The protagonist is a Salvatore Cangemi moved to Milan from Sicily and owner of a fruit and vegetable company that is a cover, because Cangemi runs a large prostitution traffic. Roger Daverty called "The French" decided one day that Cangemi is a good base for his drug trafficking and tries in every way to get him to use his prostitutes to sell his drugs. The methods he uses to persuade Cangemi are not very diplomatic, as they are the responses of the Sicilian clan. The result is that on Milan descends a long trail of blood. The pace is tight and there are many events , interspersed with fast breaks reflective functioning as a glue. Perhaps the story is too elaborate, so much so that sometimes you may lose the thread. Action and violent murders are not lacking as well as some interesting surprises.
Lenzi then finds a cast of excellence. Antonio Sabato is great in the role of Cangemi and gives life to a complex character, credible and full of facets, perhaps too perfect.
Is very good also Philippe Leroy who plays the "French" , a character lighter than Cangemi, sometimes ironic, that creates with the rival an interesting dualism in all the aspects. The shoulders of the two protagonists are not far behind. Marisa Mell in her best (or quite) period is the "femme fatale" , a role that the Austrian actress makes it crucial to the story.