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Nathalie: escape from hell 

The second Nazisploitation/WIP movie by Alain Payet is amazing. One of the most famous and controversial
French porn directors, had already directed the very bad  "Train Special Pour SS".

So when we decided to see this movie, realesed a year after the above-mentioned, we didn't have high hopes to see a decent movie but Payet and the ineffable "Eurocine"   surprise us. Now, don't misunderstand our words, because we are still far from a masterpiece of the genre, but after all "Nathalie: escape from hell" is a movie that can be watch and has an interesting plot. Sure, is a little slow due language of a certain cinema, there are many limits of the director, editing and acting are really bad (the warden played by  Jacqueline Laurent is very annoying)doesn't facilitate the viewing. But we repeat: removed the flaws, this is a
passable chapter for its genre.

The winning idea is that of a different story compared to other Nazisploitation, because here, in fact, imprisonment and violence are contaminated with a spy story (so to speak) . The Nathalie of title is in fact a prisoner of the fearsome prison Stilberg, but thanks to her
the soldier Muller you fall in love, saving her from the cell and giveng to her a medical role. She, in addition to being a doctor is  also a secret agent who must rescue the colleague Ingrid. Her plan and her love story are endangered by warden Helga, sado-lesbian (of course) that wearing a black latex dress loves to whip the prisoners in the dungeons of the prison and thinks that the handsome Muller is her property.

Patrizia Gori normally relegated to shoulder roles here have the chance to show
all her beauty playing the main character, she act very badly, this is true, but she shows that she has nothing to envy to the most acclaimed queens of the genre films of the era. She duets with Jacqueline Laurent that we saw in "Lorna The exorciste" by Franco and who here plays the sadistic warden, which more than scary, gives unintentionally laugh thanks to her (annoying) laugh and her black-latex dress. Even the handsome Jack Taylor who  plays Muller, has often worked in genre films and of course with Franco.

Typical production of Eurocinè and of the period, 
"Nathalie: escape from hell" reuses also set of other films and we see things from "Helga de la louve Stilberg" and even "Convoi De Filles", but for some strange case everything is used better.

Technical Specifications

Original title: Nathalie rescapée de l'enfer

Alternative Titles: Nathalie en la garra del infierno (Colombia), perversion de Campo (Spain), Nathalie escapa del infierno Nazi (Spain), Nathalie dans l'enfer nazi (France), Perversion (Italy), Natália no Nazi Hell (Portugal ), Nathalie: Escape from Hell (USA), Nathalie, Fugitive from Hell (International)

Country: France

Year: 1978

Directed by: Alain Payet

Cast: Patrizia Gori Jacqueline Laurent, Jacques Marbeuf, Rudy Lenoir, Richard Allan

Production Company: Eurocine