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Voodoo Passion

"Les Cauchermars Naissent La Nuit" moves in 1977 to Puerto Rico facing with voodoo and losing the clothes, perhaps because of the location, the warm of the Caribbean or more likely for collaboration between Erwin C.Dietrich and Jess Franco. Who knows.
What is certain is this remake pushes a lot more on sex than on elegant eroticism elegant of its predecessor, an imperfect work of the great Spanish director, showing an endless series of nudes and soft-core scenes sometimes free, between bath tubes, ballets and people that roll naked in beds.
The intentions are clear since the beginning, with a naked beautiful blonde in a bed that welcomes the arrival of the wife of the landlord, claiming to be his sister. A very powerful erotic line soon showd which never abandoned the stoy often crushed by tits, but it must be said, given the aesthetic quality of the cast, is not a bad vision.
Apart the sex and the "voodoo" the plot follows "Les Cauchermars Naissent La Nuit" with a story lost between nightmare and reality with a woman victim of something that slips into the absurd in the end.
The protagonist is Susan and she went to Puerto Rico, where live since some time her husband, a rich businessman. His superb house is also inhabited by other women (in addition to the one that Susan find in the bed) and she becomes the victim of some sexual impuls and of incredible nightmares in which she is the protagonist of homicides. Reality. Dream. Maybe she is crazy, maybe all is blame of voodoo or there is a diabolical plan behind all.
Surely more brigth and faster than "Les Cauchermars Naissent La Nuit", "Voodoo Passion" has less sophisticated direction that point to emphasize the soft-core moments, but occasionally the hand of Jess Franco gives us some interesting fragment of cinema.
The "voodoo" of the title instead is present with its more classic iconics, dolls full of pins and some rituals more folk than scary, including chickens slaughtered and ballet, where all are (of course) naked.
Undoubtedly it’s an attempt less artistic, more commercial than that of 1970, but let's face it: who would bother find on a bed a blonde like Karine Gambier or share the house with Ada Tauler and Muriel Montossè?
Karine Gambier is most famous name here, French porn actress, "rival" of Brigitte Lahaie, has participated in several genre films with Dietrich ("Gefangene Frauen", where there is also Brigitte Lahaie) and with Franco "Fur Frauen Zellenblock 9","Die teuflischen Schwestern"," Cocktail Spécial", exit, for some strange reason , from the history of erotic and genre cinema.
Ada Tauler, the protagonist Susan, in her latest work, starred in her career in various kinds of movies and here hits the mark with a simple beauty in the service of one of her most important roles.
Finally we find Muriel Montossè, better known as Muriel Montossey, French actress at her debut. After studying theater, the beautiful Muriel began her career working in the erotic cinema, several times with Jess Franco and with other directors (eg José Benazeraf, Max Pecas and Jean -Claude Roy ) and wasting in a few years an incredible beauty that emerges here in all its glory. Then in the eighties she worked on television and at the end of the decade gain a great reputation. Unfortunately, the death of her daughter interrupts her career, then resumed with the theater, an activity that she still continues.
As male we find Jack Taylor a link with "Les Cauchermars Naissent La Nuit".

Technical Specifications
Original title: Der Ruf der Blonden Gottin
Alternative Titles : Las diosas porn (Spain) , Marat unet (Finland) , Le cri d'amour de la déesse blonde (France) , Porn shock ( Italy ) , Call of the Blonde Goddess , Porn Shock, Voodoo Passion ( USA) , Voodoo Passion ( International)
Year: 1977
Directed by: Jess Franco
Cast : Muriel Montossè , Ada Tauler , Jack Taylor, Karine Gambier , Victor Mendes, Ly Frey, Rita Moreno , Sandra Daenliker , Aida Gouveia
Production Company: Elite Film , Nestor Film Produktion