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We are proudly among those persons who doesn’t understand contemporary art. We are among those who remain bewildered in front of some installations and in front of video art. And we don’t like those artists that when they reach that status are allowed to do anything. Any horrible shit. Because are artists.
It’s perhaps for this reason that we have so many problems understanding this movie, loved by audiences and critics, which a background of contemporary art, and then explode in a story that is not post-punk, post- nuke, erotic or rape ravenge.
So what is this German movie of 1985? We ourselves  several times in 84’ minutes of a story that puts the cards on the table almost immediately and follows its course without any special twists or directing ideas, except for some moments when we see research of a good photography.
Boring, slow and without those things typical of the gener to which, or at least should do, is insprired (violence and eroticism)  had as already said positive criticism that emphasize the power of the nightmare and the minimalism of the setting. For us the minimalism of the setting it’s for the classical limits of the budget, and nightmare it’s not too powerful.
The director is Eckhart Schmidt, an important artist that before making this movie, joined several groups of German filmmakers in Monaco of Bavaria, founded a music magazine, an a independent cinema company and directed ​​his most famous movie "Der Fan".
The idea of ​​"Loft" is potentially very interesting, and leave us lovely little doubt that the whole story could be a critique of bourgeois society, not at all interested in art or a more general criticism of a world that has lost its reason, poetry and values ​​.
We are in a "post- nuke "Germany where war rages everywhere. But despite this there are still artists who exhibit their works and there are people, middle-class, which continues to go to see them.
Raoul and Raphaela are an engaged couple who go to an exhibition. But this exposure doesn’t interest them and they prefer to find a secluded place where to have sex. This indifference, however, angering the artists whom  at the end of the evening segregate the two, beat them , bother them and did anything else you can imagine.
Raoul and Raphaela try by all means to escape from this trap, but it’s not easy. In reality, what may seem like a simple reaction to a lack of respec , hides deeper ideas of the torturers, who show a poetic side.
It’s an interesting message, but the way does’t convince us. And beat us!.

Technical Specifications
Original Title : Loft
Alternative Titles : Loft - Die neue Saat der Gewalt
Country: Germany
Year: 1985
Directed by: Eckhart Schmidit
Cast: Andreas Jung , Rebecca Winter , Ralph Schicha , Karl -Heinz von Liebezeit , Catarina Raacke , Paul Baur , Max Tidof , Sibylle Rauch
Production House : Barbara Moorse Workshop, KF Kinofilm , Wolfgang Odenthal Filmproduktion
Duration: 84 '