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Slaughter Disc

Those who are over thirty quite forty, will remember for sure that when we were young we were alerted that some things could lead us to blindness or to the hell. 

No one has ever believed (right?) this thing, but if them used the story of "Slaughter Disc" they would have some success in their crusade against fornication.
Because this story tells that too much porn kills, indeed, reading as said the director David Quitmeyer the dependence on anything kills. Also as he said there wasn't and there was a need of a movie about porn addicted seeing the whole with the
supernatural perspective.

The message it's clear and the will of the director it's godd and create a movie that
mixes porn and gore in large doses and that creates the doubt that the main goal was, more than anything, shock the audience. Because the story remains in the background, overshadowed by the many excesses and slowed down by obvious moments created only to lengthen the playing time .
No matter that the last fifteen minutes are interesting, intense, because we are at that point already bored and fatigued by huge visions of blood and sex, which by the way are not even an innovation in a movie. And you know that we are not politically correct .

The basic idea, however, is not bad. This addiction that kills is told through the story of Mike a guy who spends his days in front of porn's DVD that time after time make him lose his girlfriend and his work.

One day, he orders a DVD of a certain "Andromeda Strange" that put in the player shows the protagonist struggling with porn-gore scenes that end up in the blood. She flagellates herself or kills her partners after having sex. Even an avid pornographer like Mike is shocked and reactsinvestigating and trying to uncover the mystery behind this "Andromeda Strange".

If the story of "Slaughter Disc" not exalted us, we must recognize, however, a great willingness by the director David Quitmeyer. He modernize an old his story "The Tape", which had a VHS instead of DVD, he turns with a hand-held camera, with live audio (which has several flaws), and he uses digital effects.
The Blood it's made with a mixture of syrups and jams (strawberry, banana and grapes for example) while the make up of "Andromeda Strange" a little '  zombie , is a special blend of lotions and sprays.

Quitmeyer shot in four days with a budget of only nine thousand U.S. dollars and tries to save money on everything doing himself the producer, the casting director, production designer, costume designer, the special effects, the cameraman and even a cameo. He miss only the role of Andromeda Strange!

A very bizarre man this David Quitmeyer. A fan of horror and porn, writes stories and then began to work for various adult sites.
One day he decided to start his own business with a friend and is noted for ideas and for the skill.
So he lives with that? Not at all, because Quitmeyer, who has an associate's degree Applied Science and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management, works as a supervisor at the department of "Respiratory Therapy" in the Oregon Health & Science University of Portland.
A sort of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hide, medical director by day and  horror pornographer director by night. Which of the two Quitmeyer you want to meet?


Technical Specifications

Original title: Slaughter Disc

Directed by: David Quitmeyer

Year: 2005

Country: USA

Cast: Robert Williams , Caroline Pierce , Jewels Mackenzie , Kristen Quitmeyer , Gabe Messer, Ashley Rees, Chris Spoto

Production Company: Steel Web Studios