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In The Mouth of Ubaldo Terzani

The culprit is Lucio Fulci. But even Dario Argento, Sergio Martino and Mario Bava are culprits.
And before you offend us, we must say that this is not a spoiler, because they are the culprits, of the creation of this "Ubaldo Terzani Horror Show”, or to be precise, are the sources of inspiration for the second movie by Gabriele Albanesi.
The young Roman director already in "Il Bosco Fuori" showed certain adoration for the thriller/horror cinema of the past, but here his tribute is even more evident, because Lucio Fulci is everywhere, there is a TV interview with him and above all there is a pierced eye the symbol of his movies. But there is also a lot of Dario Argento, the location is Turin, a lot of Sergio Martino in his thriller era and finally there is some of Mario Bava, with the main character's name that refers to one of his faithful collaborator.
Before seeing "Ubaldo Terzani Horror Show" we had the great suspicion that everything was a pale copy of the old movies. But with great satisfaction, however, we note soon that Albanesi find the right balance between the tribute to the past and the present, setting up a story that works, that can be follow  with pleasure and mocks the world of cinema.
It should also be said that "Ubaldo Terzani Horror Show" has a story that slow down and from a certain point onwards does not have great twists and must be said that some special effects, as the corpse in the bathtub, are not so convincing (from Sergio Stivaletti is reasonable to expect more).
The actors instead believe in and try to create interesting characters. Not everything always works but overall the actors pass the test starting with Paolo Sassanelli most famous as an interpreter of fictions that manages well his co-starring role, playing the many face of Ubaldo Terzani. With him there is Giuseppe Soleri, another fiction’s actor and who is the son of Agostino Saccà, one of many lobbyists of politic and Italian television, which, however, proves to be a good actor as well as having unavoidable connections. Laura Gigante who plays Sara and the expert Antonino Iuorio are two good shoulders of the main characters.
The history melee nightmare and schizophrenia and starring the young director Alessio (Giuseppe Soleri) who is sent by his producer at the home of Ubaldo Terzani, a famous horror writer, with whom he must (he should) write a screenplay.
Even before meeting him and while reading his novels, Alessio begins to suffer from heavy nightmares and his life at Terzani’s home is in some ways unpleasant, even if the other way Alessio opens his eyes to the world, but events gone in a spiral of madness and blood.
Product as "Il Bosco Fuori" by the Manetti Bros is a film that confirms the quality of the Albanesi and, unfortunately, the lack of interest of the Italian market towards to genre cinema.

Technical Specifications
Original title: Ubaldo Terzani Horror Show
Alternative Titles : In the Jaws of Ubaldo Terzani (working title)
Director: Gabriele Albanesi
Year: 2010
Country: Italy
Cast: Giuseppe Soleri , Paolo Sassanelli , Laura Gigante, Antonino Iuorio , Zsuzsanna Ripli
Production House : Minerva Pictures