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When a title explains all, we feel useless bloggers who can’t do anything for the cause of "B Movies".
Let's face it: what we can add to a movie that obviously melee piranhas and anacondas? What we can write about a film directed by Jim Wyrnoski produced by Roger Corman and broadcasted by the great Syfy Television? And finally, we can’t say more about a work that has the poster with the monster and with a girl seen from behind wearing a micro swimsuit (or view from the front in the DVD)? We’re useless.
So, it’s very clear. This is an immense trashy movie. A container of much bullshit, that in the hands of those two genes of Wyrnoski and Corman, it becomes a pretty fucking movie.
You’re welcome to the world of angry animals 2.0, beings who have to go much further than their ancestors, because these are monstrous hybridize and are made with the CGI and attract audiences with bikinis, beaches and an endless series of events (not all necessary about the story) shot on the viewer with the speed of light. As you the modern language of cinema wants.
A restyling that with our great satisfaction continues to work (Andy Sidaris in other ways find this solution with his action movies of late 80’s and beginning of 90’s), giving trashy movies that sometimes, as "Sharktopuss" become real scult.
It’s not a coincidence that we speak about "Sharktopuss", whose wake is followed by "Piranhaconda"  but with better CGI and a decent plot for the genre.
As this genre requires, there is the star in decline and in this case we find Michael Madsen a great friend of who loves a certain cinema. Vic Vega from "Reservoir Dogs" appears soon, right after an intro based on images of Kauai, a Hawaii’s island and surf music. And after only a few minutes we are conquered by "Piranhaconda"
Everything that follows is a story that hasn’t logic starting from the fact that the monsters are a mystery. No one knows who they are, where they come from, and above all no one had ever seen them before although those put eggs in every place of the island and they are approximately twenty meters long and about a dozen meters tall.
However, these cute animals start to be noticed after the ruthless Prof. Lovegrove (Michael Madsen) steals their eggs. From that moment the two Piranhaconda begin a frantic search of the stolen goods and consequently a violent retaliation. With great pleasure they eat
an endless series of unlikely people in the balance between being a parody and be serious characters and also a large number of human cases that sprung to increase the number of body count.
The long list of meat begins with the colleagues of the Prof.Lovegrove; eat in the first minutes of the movie. Fast Food.
The list continues with a film crew that is turning a bad slasher and offering stereotypical characters of the cinema industry: the stupid actress, the beautiful and clever assistant the handsome actor, the inept director, stupid fans and astute FX guy. And there is also some criminals who kidnap at one point a part of the crew and ask (to who we don’t know) a ransom.
A little in the manner of "Cannibal Holocaust", i.e. finding and seeing a video, the survivors realize the reality and the existence of monsters. And all goes even faster, including bikinis, cunning plans, Piranhaconda that kills, Piranhaconda dying, a mad professor who does not give up the stolen goods and a final wide open to a host of sequels and spin-offs.
A great “B’s ", which has, of course, the usual cast of models and actors seen on US’s TV. With a great body, dazzling smile and good flesh. According to the Piranhaconda.

Technical Specifications
Title: Piranhaconda
Alternative Titles : Piraconda (France) Pirañaconda (Spain)
Year: 2012
Directed by: Jim Wyrnoski
Country: USA
Cast: Michael Madsen, Rachel Hunter, Rib Hillis , Terri Ivens , Chris De Christopher , Shandi Finnessey , Michael Swan , Noah Blake , Kurt Yaeger , Diana Terranova
Duration: 85 '
Production Company: New Horizons Picture