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Naughty Nymphs

The Latin pride and the breeze of the Mediterranean bring us to say that "Die Liebestollen Apothekerstöchter", the original title of this film, is not a good for a soft-core comedy. Wait, stop for a moment and try to say it: diliebestolleapotecherstuchter. No, nothing. It doesn’t work. This title cold and metallic title is the metaphor of a movie which lacks the warmth and color that is typical of our latitudes. Latin Pride! An absence fatal to a film that would have all the credentials to be original, funny and very sexy.
Literally can be translated as "The Daughters of Pharmacist in Love", for international market was released under the title of this post, is a German/Swiss movie of 1972, full of classics misunderstandings and of interesting moments.
The directors are Franz Antel and Michel Caputo. The first is a major Austrian director and producer, here in the midst of an artistic period focused on soft-core comedies. This period ends at the beginning of the eighties, when Antel changes completely with "Der Bockerer", the first of a series of movies of historical and social criticism well received. Michel Caputo is the porn French director that we have seen also in "The Executrice" with Brigitte Lahaie.
The two with a screenplay by Hans Billan and Gretl Lowinger (other two important German directors and screenwriters for the genre) are struggling with a movie that has as a central point a thing that underline the innovations and precision of the Germans. It’s a pill that has sexual portentous results. Better than Viagra and Cialis and various potions that at time were advertised on the magazines that we found at the barber shop. Well, actually this pill has the power to unleash the libido in anyone, man or woman. But it works well. It’s really interesting medicine but also a dangerous weapon that is used by Mary and Christell two sisters who trying in every way to give some pills to a third sister, the bigoted Elizabeth, who returns home after a long time. Of course their purpose is good, because they want to change the ideas about sex of their sister but obviously, the events get out of hand, creating the classic misunderstandings and beautiful sexy interludes.
"Naughty Nymphs" would have a very interesting plot but Antel and Caputo just make a quite elegant. A film that could push harder without going hard, considering that some ideas and moments, see the nurse's uniform or an interesting pharmacist consulting (the father of the three sisters ) are not bad at all.
“Naughty Nymphs” remains a pleasant seventies entertainment thanks to a great cast of, which often shows their beautiful bodies.
A great battery of female lead by the statuesque Sybil Danning Austrian actress naturalized U.S who plays Elizabeth a character that does not reflect the career of this actress, who became famous for a series of "B Movies" for a Playboy’s set and for some presence in major pictures. With her there are Eva Garden and Alena Penz two actresses who have played several erotic movies.

Technical Specifications
Original title: Die Liebestollen Apothekerstöchter
Alternate Titles : The pills the pharmacist ( Italy ) , Las Traviesas Ninfas (Spain) , Lemmenkipeät apteekkarin tyttäret (Finland) , Avale all / J'aime tout, Les dalmatiennes 69 (France) , Do not Tell Daddy , Naughty Nymphs , Passion Pill Swingers , Satin Panties (USA) , To sexy hapi erota tou (Greece) , Blutjung und liebeshungrig (Germany)
Year: 1972
Country: Germany, Switzerland
Directed by: Franz Antel , Michel Caputo
Cast: Sybil Danning , Eva Garden , Alena Penz , Christiane Maybach , Claus Tinney , Wolfgang Jansen, Gernot Mohner , Sascha Hehn , Erich Padalewski
Studio: TV13 Filmproduktion