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Shameless, Tasteless

Many years ago, a mad scientist cloned John Waters, then some Russian spies stole the result of this experiment and perhaps too drunk or distracted by a prostitute them lost it somewhere in the Ukraine.
Impossible? Of course not, indeed, it must be the real life, seeing at his works of an obscure Ukrainian director named Yakov Levi.
Levi is, in fact, the clone of the great John Waters. A Waters of this day and age, however, far from the punk message but witness in his own way , of the marginalized, or perhaps more shamelessly, morbid exploiter of the same persons. Who knows?
The result is more less the same anyway, shameless and disgusting movies whose protagonists are young and old prostitutes, strippers , junkies, drug dealers, homeless and some actress, all placed in very trashy story.
The result of these ideas can be seen in “Shameless, Tasteless" an anthology of short movies distributed worldwide by Troma that took them directly and join together from the Ukrainian "black market". Thanks Lloydo, as always.
"Shameless, Tasteless" is a large waste bin, full of absurd stories, decadent, all shot with few resources, little art, and set for 90% in houses and as mentioned with very special actors.
A borderline movie that sometimes gives, if not interesting moments, some interesting ideas.
The beginning is very tough and is the most sleaze moment of the entire movie.
"Sex Bomb" is the word that appears on the “sexy” dress of Baba Alla, who is for Levi what Divine was for Waters, and who plays an old and toothless prostitute who whore for help her child a heroin addicted. Ugly and hideous her performances are no different. Five minutes of pure "Shameless" that converges in "Tasteless" where ever Baba Alla is a prostitute for a “home delivery service”. She ends up at the home of a pornographer, where she has a baby in the living room. The child grows up with his adoptive father who prostitutes herself to keep it" Shameless, Tasteless “in just about fifteen minutes. Not bad.
"Killer Bra" evidently produced by Troma and shot in the United States eases a lot of the discomfort, and it’s a grotesque story in which there is, of course, a killer bra and we see some boobs too.
Then we come back in Ukraine with the interesting "Matroska Dolls Of Doom" a very trash horror that has a good basic idea. We are in the Crimea, in the town of Gurzuf, where people disappear. A fact that has destroyed the place, once a tourist place and today a true desert. Here end up for a holyday three beautiful girls that are hosted at the home of Baba Alla.
Sinister character, even without artistic effort, Baba Alla has a huge collection of disturbing Matroska and as the title tells them may be the cause of these disappearances. The girls spend hot moments with these ornaments before the "grand finale".
Then the movie turns into quite porn horror with "The Ghost Of Marquis De Sade" which tells the materialization of several erotic dreams of three young girls. There isn’t Baba Alla and her hypnotic laugh , but there are bad special effects, and there is the ghost of the Marquis De Sade that annoys one of the three girls who are, by the way are a real prostitute, a stripper and a actress. There is also the making of that, shows that in addition to the creation of special effects and also some characteristics of the actresses.
After a lesbian interlude, completely free, we see "Vanity Insanity" other lesbian homemade story that involves a magic mirror. From Sapphic love to transgender with the saga of Penisella a girl with a huge penis that we can see in four stories. It’s enough? Yes for us, "Shameless, Tasteless" ends here and undoubtedly is an anthology that will appeal to fans of "So bad, it's good”, and underlines, once again, the craziness of Troma who has taken the trouble to and distribute everything.
The good Lloyd Kaufman closes the film (the censored version can be seen on YouTube or below), with a tasty sketch in which he is in a shower intent to audition actor. Tasteless and Shameless!

Technical Specifications
Original title: Shameless , Tasteless ( Shameless , Tasteless , The Killer Bra , Matroska Dolls Of Doom , Vanity Insanity , The Ghost Of Marquis De Sade , Penisella I, II , III, & IV)
Year: 2009 (DVD)
Country: Ukraine
Directed by: Yakov Levi
Cast: Baba Alla, Elena Ryabokon , Mikhnevich Olga , Yulia Dlusskaya , Masha Milayachik , Kseniya Krasavitza , Yulia Vekusnaya , Navy Khodes , Elena Kiseleva
Length: 120 '
Production Company: Troma ( distributor )