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Shadow: Dead Riot

A sorcerer, a voodoo ritual, women’s prison, blood and naked women. Many things, (there is also a twist like "Star Wars") that indicate a willingness to pay homage to the cinema of the past and to impress the audience, but also, that here there is a great confusion.
Derek Wan from Hong Kong, in his first experience in a feature film, after directing the TV movie "A Sunset Fighter" the series "The War of Gene" and especially after work often as a cinematographer, manages to create a movie that breaks the audience equally. You may love it, or you may hate it.
A sign indicating that there are good things and bad things. Let's start with the latter, and must be said that the mingling of many genres, "horror", "women in prison", "splatter", "blaxploitation" and also a tribute to Dyanne Thorne, create a story that is often difficult to follow.
The realization then "kills" more than the monsters. There is a very bad acting, poor fight scenes as the FX, and there is photography and lights, which for one that did for years that work, are very disappointing.
Defects apart "Shadow: Dead Riot" has its own reason and could be an interesting horror/splatter movie. So this 2006 film has some good time, whose top is the "bad taste" with the birth scene and the baby’s life.

The story begins with Shadow, a prisoner sentenced to death who before dying performs a strange ritual. Twenty years later the prison has become a women's prison in which there are all the characters of "Women in Prison."
In there comes a day Solitarie a black girl seemingly harmless but who hides an incredible force. She is the heroine of the movie; she fights the zombies that pop out of the cursed at the time by Shadow
Definitely a great opportunity missed, considering also that it has a good cast with Tony Todd (Shadow) star in "Candyman" and who starred in "The Rock," "The Crow," "Final Destination," "Night Of The Living Dead "in 1990 and many other works including some TV series.
The sporty Carla Greene (Solitaire) works for the TV series and there is a small part of Misty Mundae while the soundtrack is composed by none other than Vernon Reid a former member of "Living Colour".

Original Title: Shadow: Dead Riot
Alternative Titles: Bunt zmarlych (Poland), Zombie Uproar (Germany),
Year: 2006
Country: USA
Director: Derek Wan
Cast: Tony Todd, Carla Greene, Nina Hodoruk, Michael Quinlan, Cat Miller, Andrew Langi, Tatianna Butler
Duration: 91 '
Production Company: Fever Dreams, Media Blasters