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Mucha Sangre

Mucha sangre y mucha diversión and un poco de Paul Naschy. The Spanish director Pepe De Las Heras tries to do so, in this 2002 movie. Suddenly is possible to see his inspirations and his tastes, because there is a  a bit of the Peter Jackson's first movies, a bit of Tarantino, De La Iglesia which certainly could not miss and in some ways also a well-known sci-fi of the fifties.

The result is a large container of various crap ranging from nuclear, passing up the zombies and aliens that are linked with sangre (mucha) and put into a blender. So many things, too many things, a varius under plots and twists that create a movie that sometimes is difficult to follow and often sacrifices the story in an attempt to do something extremely fun.

"Mucha Sangre" is so mucha diversión only few times, thanks to some so trashy gags, a few moments of inspired direction and of course thanks to the presence of El Rey of the Spanish horror cinema: Paul Naschy. Comedy, action and splatter as you know, get along, and after a brief nuclea intro the story starts very fast with two convicts, Choro and Cortaojos (Cut-Eyes, so named because he likes to rip the eyes of the enemies) who escape from a prison.

They find a girl on the street who rapresent the boobs quote of the movie. After  being supplied by a sleazy arms dealer they go to the gangster Vicuña who has some debts with Cortaojos.

The deal ends very badly, with a shooting like Tarantino but, for some reason, Vicuña and his men don't die. Zombie? Well from a technical standpoint, yes, but in reality they are bodies inhabited by an alien sect that kidnaps women making them rot in a basement, and then eat their flesh. Adding that the weak point of these aliens are the genitals, to destroy with violence, it is easy to imagine how many trash gags and jokes we can see.

An ending that opens in a possible sequel, not yet realized, closes this Spanish film iunfortunately not perfectly successful. Pepe De Las Heras isn't Peter Jackson and fails to give an order to the chaos of the many events and makes us think that if he had put into less things we would be talking about a great movie.

Here remain some significant moments, some jokes about Murcian, like the one we posted under the title, the Andalusian setting and the soundtrack composed by the heavy metal band Mojinos Escozios.

Paul Naschy in the role of the villain Vicuña fulfills his duty as an icon of horror cinema. With him are actor Rodolfo Sancho more active in TV series than on cinema, Txema Sandoval in the funny role of Cortaojos and Galician Isabel Del Toro in the role of the beautiful.

Technical Specifications

Original Title: Mucha Sangre

Alternative Titles: Mucha Sangre-Much Blood (Italy), Gansters Vs Aliens (Germany)

Directed by: Pepe De Las Heras

Cast: Paul Naschy, Rodolfo Sancho, Txema Sandoval, Isabel Del Toro, Julio Campos

Country: Spain

Year: 2002

Production House: Massa d'Or Produccions

Duration: 79 '