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Malù e l'amante

Not the first one, not the last one, not the best and not the worst. Only a very presumptuous and attempt to make an erotic film like Tinto Brass. We can see that from the photography, from the setting and we must really recognize the effort of Pasquale Fanetti that was the director of cinematography and director of some erotic movies, who here as Frank De Niro, tries to make a good movie, but he fails badly.

The research of an artistic way should have been also in the characters and in the plot, but the first aren't credible, with actors perform badly and the second, the story, looks like a soap opera of low level that ends leaving the impression that the production has finished the film at disposal.

The idea could be interesting considering the trend of the Brass'

eroticism and recognizing the beauty of Malù famous pornstar in the eighties as "Ramba", the presence of Anthony Steffen an expert of genre cinema and that too, for cinefiles, of Kerian Canter the one of "Buio Omega."

Fanetti square the three in a huge villa in the countryside and he built around them the classic triangle.

Joelle is the young wife of "The Count," a paralyzed man, played by an unmotivated Steffen who hires again at his service the young Charles (the usual expressionless Canter) ended up in jail with who Joelle had a love story.

Of course, the return of the boy in the house fire again the old instincts of the two that start long erotic game that seems even a little 'bad copy of "9 ½ Weeks". And then what? And then just they get boring and it all ends.

Ileana Carisio known for a period as "Ramba" was a porn star really famous of the Schicchi's team and she performed often with Moana Pozzi and Cicciolina. Her look was exactly the antithesis of the one of the Hungarian star because "Ramba" was (un)dressed with a military look with fake guns and bullets. At the end of the eighties she retires from porn and started a career as erotic actress in some movies, several directed by Fanetti. Here she is of course far from the character that made ​​her famous and in this movie she creates an elegant character that explodes in all his erotic power.

The other two, Canter and Steffen share the fate, because this is their last film that closes two careers diametrically opposed. With them we find Debora Cali meteor famous for "Paprika" and "Mutande Pazze".  

Original Title: Malu e l'amante

Alternate Titles: The Lady Chatterley's Lover, Sokaktan gelen kadin (Turkey), Lover: The Lover  

Year: 1989  

Country: Italy  

Directed by: Pasquale Fanetti  

Cast: Malu, Anthony Steffen, Kerian Canter, Barbara Blasko, Deborah Cali, David Jose  

Running Time: 104 ' 

Production House: New Pentax Film, Union, Union Film 1