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 Swedish Nympho Slaves


The rise and fall of Madame Arminda. And if you think about a drama or classic metaphor of success, you are mistaken. No, here everything is much easier, because you know what happens when Jesus Franco meets Erwin C.Dietrich. Naked women. Naked women. Still naked women. Soft-core.
"Die Sklavinnen" is another one of those works that emerges from the mind of the two and goes straight to the extreme soft-core. The plot, which also has interesting ideas, remains in the shadow of the tits of protagonists that are two beautiful girls: Lina Romay and Martine Stedil. If about Lina is useless to talk about, Martine, we have already seen her in "Doriana Grey," "Frauengefangnis" confirms her extraordinary beauty in one of his few (only five unfortunately) interpretations.
Apart from these digressions on the beautiful bodies of the two main actresses, we must say that "Die Sklavinnen" could be better exploited. It could be a more than decent soft-core thriller,
But duos Franco-Dietrich exaggerated with sex and especially create a nonsense ending.
Errors aside, we enter into the life of Madame Arminda. The first time that we meet her, she is in the role of an escaped. She had previously lived between money and luxury, running a successful night club in which also exploited prostitution.
Just escaped from prison, she is kidnapped by men of Amos Radeck. Undressed (could miss it?) And tortured, Madame has to say what she did with the man's daughter, and above all with the five million dollars that Radeck paid for her daughter.
As narrative level we have a series of flashbacks in which we see the dissolute life by Martine Radeck and Madame Arminda. There are many parallels between past and present that lead or should lead to the search for the girl.
In the midst of tropical period, Jesus Franco, does not commit that much, giving us moments already seen in his other movies. This is a movie that get to the sufficiency if is contextualized in the historical period and if as we said we look at the two beautiful protagonists.  Small cameo for the Franco who plays one of the men of Radeck.

Technical Specifications
Original title: Die Sklavinnen
Alternative Titles: Les Flagellées of the cell 69 (France), Die Sexhandler (Germany), Swedish Nympho Slaves (International)
Year: 1977
Country: Switzerland
Directed by: Jesus Franco
Cast: Lina Romay, Martine Stedil, Vitor Mendes, Esther Moser, Peggy Markoff, Aida Vargas, Jesus Franco
Duration: 70 '
Company: Elite Film