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We will never know the whole truth about the life of the poet Sappho, but we know, for sure that she and her island of Lesbos, in addition to entering the common lexicon, entered the history of cinema improperly inspiring an endless series of movies.

We will not know nor ever, or at least we aren’t sure, if this film was shot in Lesbos (it seem Amorgos), but the theme is love between women and the French and Spanish titles ("Les séductrices de Lesbos "," Nephele y de las seductoras lesbos "), the most famous recall in the least poetic sense, just sex between women.
The director is Omiros Efstratiadis that we have seen for "Milo To Tou Satan" struggling with a greek Spanish, production, so, two countries full of sun, sea and at the time the desire to forget the recent past (see dictatorships) and so strip often and with great pleasure the actresses.

The result, from the location to the history of the nations involved, as you can imagine, is a very long carousel of lesbian erotic scenes and not occupying almost 90% of the film leaving the rest to a few moments of connection.

Will we love both Greece and Spain so our opinion is very biased but this movie, in its futility, its simplicity direction, in his lack of artistic relevance and above all, in its banal excuses to see erotic scenes, works, does not have a hitch (well, to the fiftieth erotic scene a bit 'dull emerge) and is homogeneous.

There is a soundtrack that has some good moments, there is natural beauty of the island and yes, we are never hypocrites there are three beautiful actresses. The Spanish blonde Rosana Caskan who plays the protagonist Nefeli, Tania Moshito and especially the real Mediterranean Alejandra Grepi, dark hair and busty that becomes the real star of the film and the center of attention of every male viewer. Also seen in "C’è un fantasma nel mio letto" (she is the wife of the innkeeper ...) she is a famous actress that starts her career in 1980, the year of production of this movie. She works with Efstratiadis also in "O Kos Exousias" and in some other movies, before being hired for the popular TV Show by RTVE "Un Dos, tres ... responda otra vez." From here on, it's 1982, she began a more important career that over the years leads her to work in various TV series.

Here we are in her first works and Alejandra is the most striking of the three girls featured in the movie. Nefeli (Rosana Caskan) is a girl who lives on a beautiful Greek island but she hasn’t incentive.

One day on a beach she met an erotic photo set. Immediately makes she became friend of them, especially with one of the boys. But the men leave. On the island remains Nefeli and two girls Annita (Alejandra Grepi) and Anna (Tania Moshito). Among the three start an erotic game based on the most varied sexual adventures, lesbian and straight, involving, with satisfaction both the local population, and the audience

Sometimes these moments are funny such as the one with the undertaker, the butcher or the baker, and sometimes there is a bit of a morbid sadness.

 The happy ending with the blu sky and the blue sea of Greece relieves us of a possible risk of dramatic ending that at one point seems to tick. But fortunately they are Latin people and then there is joyful, warmth. And a few clothes.