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 Secret Agent Fireball

Amazing as an object that look like harmless, but in reality it’s a dangerous weapon and shameless as the hero when he meets a woman, the Eurospy never hides his inspirations and aspirations.
It’s well-known to anyone, perhaps unnecessary to write it. But with "Le Spie Uccidono A Beirut" we had a start. Because here they go beyond. Here the protagonist is called none other than Fleming. Robert, not Ian, but always Fleming, to underline the irreverent pride of being the low-budget version of Bond’s adventures and at the same time to be a (easy) parody.
And so it is this movie by Luciano Martino and Mino Loy, a movie that has some good and some bad moments
We appreciate the irony, (the look like Bond gadgets), the inevitable trip around the world, real or pretended to be, (Paris, Hamburg, Beirut and Rome), the Cold War theme and a great soundtrack written by the excellent Carlo Savina.
We are facing, however, with a story that ends in a maze of under plots that slow down the action and some technical limitations, (direction and acting), which lowers the final result.
Not at the same lever of other Eurospy "Le Spie Uccidono a Beirut" is still an enjoyable and bizarre movie between classic microfilm, Russian and American spies with all who betray all who don’t understand or know for real who is the enemy.
The super agent in this case is the handsome Robert Fleming played by the great Richard Harrison, who will reprise this role in "0077 Alla caccia dei killer" directed in the year 1966 by Margheriti.
Between beautiful women and luxury, he must find two Russians scientists fled the country, and in possession of important microfilm containing military secrets. Of course it’s not easy. The two were murdered, the Soviets also begin to look for microfilms, all the people go to Beirut, and they kidnap people and discover the existence of a third power who wants also the microfilms. All in a sequence of events difficult to summarize and especially to follow without losing the thread.
The efforts by Martino and Loy are evident, but the attempt is not perfectly successful, despite the presence of good actors. Apart from the aforementioned Harrison, there is the beautiful Italian-French Dominique Boschero well-known actress of genre cinema and the equally beautiful Wandisa Guida, one of the queens of the Peplum. They, who are the inevitable battery of "beautiful girls” are facing the great Luciano Pigozzi, Carla Calò and character actor Aldo Cecconi.