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 A Wave of Pleasure

We quote Jorge Luis Borges, hoping to annoy the intellectuals who end up on this blog made of blood, boobs and filth, which said, "The Sea is an ancient language that I cannot decipher."
Although we can’t decipher the sea. The one by Deodato of this movie.
"Wave of Pleasure" is an interesting movie, which mixes social critique, thriller and eroticism, but all these things (a sea of things if you allowed the bad joke) are sometimes a little tied together and struggle to carry the story forward. Deodato starts from "The Knife In The Water" by Polanski and slips in the path of "boats and sufferings" movies, creating a cunning movie, that despite the flaws and thanks to his craft reaches the full sufficiency.
But he could do so much more, build better everything, but it seem he prefer to achieve the assignment without hard efforts.
The Social conflict, that would work very well today, among the rich and powerful man versus the ordinary man who undergoes until he can’t no longer suffer, is the core on which the characters are shaped and from which start the events. We have the arrogant wealthy businessman Giorgio, capable of pushing a colleague to suicide and able to impose his morbid wishes to the beautiful girlfriend Silvia. The other two are, Irem and Barbara, open-minded and progressives, who are invited by Giorgio to spend some days on his yacht. The sea. The boat. And there alone in the middle of nowhere, begin a series of morbid relationships between the four, intrigues that are revealed in a very hurried ending.
The cunning Deodato directs in his own way, determined and with few frills, using the beauty of the female part of the cast, composed of only four major players, stripping all the time Elizabeth Turner (Barbara) and especially Silvia Dionisio, his wife. Silvia with this movie gained fame and also a charge from obscenity from which she was then acquitted. These two remarkable beauties are accompanied by two well-known faces of genre cinema, the expressionless Al Cliver and bad par excellence John Steiner perfect for the role of the rich asshole.
Shot in Cefalu is a film that over the way of work brings another signature of Deodato, this time he kills a poor moray eel.

Technical Data Sheet
Original Title: Ondata di Piacere
Alternative Titles: Oleada de placer (Spain), Himon Aallot (Finland), Wave of Lust, Waves Of Lust (USA), A Wave of Pleasure (English titles)
Country: Italy
Directed by: Ruggero Deodato
Cast: Al Cliver, Silvia Dionisio, John Steiner, Elizabeth Turne
Year: 1975
Duration: 88 '