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Poker In Bed

A Certainty of genre cinema is that sometimes, a title gives all. A title is so important, so powerful, that also allows a director to waste a very good cast: Carlo Giuffrè, Edwige Fenech, Oreste Lionello, Franca Valeri, Didi Perego, Gigi Ballista, Carlo Delle Piane, Enzo Enzo Cannavale and Robutti. Actors and shoulders of first choice.
Yes it goes in this way with "Poker in Bed” who starts and end in the title, the Italian title “La Signora Gioca bene a Scopa?” that refers to an Italian card game (Scopa) who is also the vulgar word of having sex.
Giuliano Carnimeo in 1974, directs this comedy that relies on two things: all the double entendres with the card game of the title and of course Edwige Fenech.
The level is very low and it doesn’t reach the extreme point of trash to be sympathetic, becoming a slow succession of scenes where the protagonist, played by Carlo Giuffrè, trying to straighten out his life, in front of others characters that assist with careless boredom (and the audience too).
The Neapolitan actor plays Michele, a man indebted cause poker, that to make money fulfills the fantasies of two middle-aged sisters, Giulia and Monica (Franca Valeri and Didi Perego).
They all live in a huge villa, where one day arrive Alberto (Oreste Lionello) and his beautiful German wife Eva (Edwige Fenech). She immediately turns on the passion of Michele The girl, however, has a mania, she has sex only when she under the water.
We have the usual scenes of ambushes and traps with poor Michael who has to find a substitute because he is too much stressed by sex. It goes ahead until the end that gives us a "twist".
If you want to save a scene, is not bad, the one in which Giuffrè and Fenech duet under a shower that doesn’t work.
The triptych Giuffrè-Fenech-Perego, get together after the already disappointing "La Vedova Inconsolabile", another film that has in the title his only strong point.

Technical Data Sheet

Original Title: La Signora Gioca Bene a Scopa?
Alternative Titles: Poker in Bed (International), Poker de camas (Spain), Elate na kanete erota s' emas I'm kyria paizei poker krevati, Pos paizei to the kyria? (Greece), Poker in Bed (USA)
Directed by: Giuliano Carnimeo
Year: 1974
Cast: Carlo Giuffrè, Edwige Fenech, Didi Perego, Franca Valeri, Carlo Delle Piane, Lia Tanzi, Gigi Ballista, Oreste Lionello, Enzo Cannavale
Country: Italy
Duration: 85 '
Production Company: Medusa Distribution, Dania Film