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Gole Ruggenti

"Once in a festival they sent me a mute. Said: What do you care, he sings in playback ! "

And it's Sanremo. We also pay tribute to the festival, with a movie that has the same value of the Festival: unwatchable. We need only mention the cast to make you understand that what we are facind: those of the "Bagaglino", a famous group of comedians who star some poor satire comic show on TV. They already are not funny on TV, imagine on the big screen. Led by the usual Pingitore, who it must be said that in the seventies made ​​some great B movies, all the disgusting bandwagon try the way of the big screen. And after seeing this film, we can really say that there was no need .

Martufello, Manlio Dovi, Pippo Franco, Valeria Marini, Pamela Prati and many others including Leo Gullotta (which is really a good actor) give rise to a silly comedy.  disgraceful . Understanding the poor plot, or we hope he did it, there isn't Lionello.

The same as we wrote for "Mutande Pazze" ironic versus system, in this case the Sanremo Festival, pointing on  the bad manners, it's not a bad idea but must be be careful to avoid, to fall in the same errors giving life to something vulgar, very rough and kitch. And so it is, with a few ideas, made a terrible acting awkward.

Of course the cast doesn't help and the ideas of  Pingitore do the rest in this story of collective hysteria in which the presenter Paolo Galli threatens the withdrawal, TV bosses recommend artists in the same way of politicians, with vulgar TV assistant and stupid guests. Sanremo is never mentioned, but the reference is obvious.

A work "embellish" by some wacky artists who gravitated around "Sanscemo" the 90's
Turin festival of wacky music. Tony Tammaro, rather well-known Neapolitan singer and two other artists, Freddy Coppertone who delights us with the words "I 've got  no more feathers on my ass, if I 'd fly " It must be said that they are the only thing that can be saved in "Gole ruggenti"

Scantily clad women like rain . Because the " Bagaglino " is the " Bagaglino "

Technical Specifications

Original Title : Roaring Gorge

Year: 1992

Country: Italy

Directed by Pier Francesco Pingitore

Cast: Pippo Franco, Leo Gullotta , Pamela Prati , Valeria Marini, Manlio Dovi , Jo Ring

Duration: 98 '

Production Company: Cecchi Gori Group Tiger Cinematografica