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Il Gatto Mammone

The tradition describes Gatto Mammone (the bogeyman) as a scary and evil character, however Italo Calvino, a famous Italian writer, and Goethe describe it as positive.
So it’s a being described between good and evil a definition that also applies to this 1975 film by Nando Cicero, a comedy with great ideas but not well exploited
the fault is probably the presence of a character (Lollo Mascalucia) that cannibalizes the story, starring Lando Buzzanca at the top of the career. It’s on him that everything runs, that everything is based, and the possible development of other characters remains strangled, leaving them to a mere specks or at most to the role of the shoulders.
Gloria Guida, just to make a name, very sought in those years, fades into the background and her character at one point disappears into thin air, not however before she had shown her body under the shower.
A little 'more space for Rossana Podesta who plays Rosalia the wife of Lollo showing her great skill and her beauty like Gloria Guida (forty-one against twenty-seven years) without showing nudity.

To complete the story there are  number of minor characters played by good actors like Franco Giacobini, Umberto Spadaro and equally talented character actors like Franco Lantieri, Grazia Di Marzà, Renzo Marignano and the legendary Tiberio Murgia.
Lando Buzzanca, you know, rhymes with Sicilian machismo and it’s inevitable then find him in the center of a story in which he wants and needs to have a child. "A man is not a man if he doesn’t becomes a father" is his slogan, even a bit 'annoying, thankfully muffled by his always classic dumb and events.
Lollo also affected by nightmares and visions of his father (here we see Cicero "Er Fellini de Trastevere") inherits the pasta factory because all his family die in a car accident. Se he need an heir and the problem is not to try to have one (the machismo of Buzzanca!) but is the result.
Lollo pin on his wife and with her permission he tries to have a child with other women. The first one in a horrible widow and the other one is a single mother hired by Lollo and his wife as a domestic servant. With Marietta (Gloria Guida) sacrifice yourself is not a problem, but there aren’t results. The child doesn’t arrive.
It’s easy to understand since half movie that the problem is Lollo, and not his wife who at the end "sacrificed" herself to give him an heir.

The final twist is very obvious and a not developed, because we don’t know who is the real father how Rosalia feel, but only with another father vision Lollo was cheated.
After a good start with a good satire on the manners of the South of Italy "Il Gatto Mammone" slows down focused only to the sufferings of Lollo.  Raise the level some funny slapstick gags of the mother of Rosaria and ugly widow.