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At the end of the day the yokels of the remote land love to kill the tourist or the curious. It’s a leitmotif of cinema horror/splatter and it has made a large number of victims.

So the beginning of "Inbred" isn’t exciting, it’s boring, and we see situations already seen in "Two Thousand Maniacs!", "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "Deliverance". So, we have only to bet on which of the six characters will be slaughtered first. It’s possible in 2011 to create a movie like that?

Then violence goes off and everything changes. It’s sure, "Inbred" is not very original but it becomes a very good proof of concept, set under the gray skies of England (filmed for in North Yorkshire, with little initial approval of the local community), with pale colors and British humor that creates a nice contrast with the splatter’s craziness.

The story develops in a square manner, accompanied by the filth that refers to Hooper's movie and some characters by Rob Zombie. Smashing heads, cut and gushing arts a victim filled with slurry to explode, all things well created with help of CGI and that will please fans of the genre.

With the inevitable "freaks" we have the picture of a movie that has also a surprising ending although even this is a "déjà vu" is effective and for obvious reasons we will not reveal it.

Perhaps the director Alex Chandon could structure a lot more the characters, which remain rather superficial, or could explain most the mystery of the places and the symbolism, but he chooses to focus more on the general story, the twists, the blood and a great sense of humor.

It’s certainly not a revolutionary movie but it remains a pleasant vision especially for fans of the genre, ready to enjoy variations on the theme.

The story tells of a group of six people, two adults and four teenagers. They are part of a social project, are young people with various problems, which with the two adults spend a weekend in the remote English countryside.

Their mission is to gather, to team up and recover useful materials from abandoned trains. Sure, the place is weird, people are disturbing, sometimes there are problem in the group, but at the end it works, at least until the locals do not start the slaughter.

The natives are "freaks" absurd and vicious, and with the hobby of organizing grand guignol that also Montag the Magnificent (just to continue to cite Herschell Gordon Lewis).would enjoy.

You can easily understand who are the protagonist of the shows and also that the victims, as in all movies of the genre, trying to escape fighting against the oppressors.

The reviews were diametrically opposed and "Inbred" was showed in several film festivals, winning the "Toronto After Dark Film Festival" and the "Ravenna Nightmare". The cast is composed of actors active in film, television and theater.

Technical Data Sheet

Original Title: Inbred

Alternative Titles: Beltenyészet (Hungary), Krwawa goscinnosc (Poland)

Year: 2011

Directed by: Alex Chandon

Country: UK

Cast: Jo Hartley, James Doherty, Seamus O'Neill, James Burrows, Terry Haywood, Nadine Mulkerrin, Chris Walker, Derek Melling

Duration: 98 '

Studio: New Flesh Films, Split Second Films