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Lady Godiva Rides

Let's start with a tantalizing legend that surely we all know, but in the case you have miss it, tells the story of Lady Godiva a beautiful noblewoman who lived in Coventry in the year 1000 and to convince her husband, Count Leofrico, to lower taxes, she rode naked through the streets of the city covered only by her long hair.
Less known, except by lovers of a certain cinema, is the story of a legendary director, AC Stephen, screen name of Stephen C. Apostolof, born in Bulgaria, American by adoption, that here we have already seen for the excellent "Orgy Of The Dead", and whose life and works are bizarre and unbelievable as much as the story of Lady Godiva.
Unfairly less recognized and appreciated in our times of Ed Wood (with whom he often worked), Stephen offers a very personal and crazy version of a subject which for some reason has never much interested the cinema.
In short, we have: a naked woman on a horse and an erotic “B Movies” director. The clash between the two generates an incredible bad movie long, sometimes boring and sometimes so trashy to make us laugh. Everything develops between tits, beds and showers on a very bizarre plot.
Brash and proud of that the great Stephen gives us outdoor scenes shot in a studio, scale model of a ship moved into a tank and weird fight scenes (The first for us was one of the inspirations for the famous video "Body Movin '"of " Beastie Boys "). The pop atmosphere of the sixties that it’s everywhere, creating a wonderful contrast with the setting period which by the way is not clear, but we should be in 1800.
The protagonists should be English but there is no one who has the slightest Anglo-Saxon accent. No, there is no doubt, they are all American, with the star Marsha Jordan, as leader. Marsha Jordan a true queen of erotic cinema of sixties we have wrote about her in "Brand Of Shame" shows here a genuine extraordinary beauty for the criterion of the time.
She's obviously Lady Godiva, who gets caught by her the old husband in the company of the lover, Tom Jones. Then starts a fight and in the end she shoots the man (who doesn’t look hurt) and killed him.
Arrested, she manages to escape from prison seducing a guard. The she sails to the USA in a very long trip where all the passengers have a lot of fun She is, in fact, in the company of several other girls, dancers, who don’t lose time to sunbathe in topless to take a shower to dance and stripping unleashed under the eyes more than interested of the sailors. Arrived at the destination they end up in a brothel, where Lady Godiva must resist to the constant attacks of the owner. Tom Jones arrives, struggle against man and saves her. She rides naked.
Tits, tits and tits in a bizarre movie, sometimes boring, but at the end fun. A crazy work of Stephen, not the most popular, not the most successful, who working here with a curious cast.
In addition to the superstar Marsha Jordan, we find Deborah Dawney a celebrity for the fans of "Star Trek", although she has starred in only one episode. "The Way Of Eden" is the first and one of the most famous episodes of the series aired on February 21, 1969 and in which Deborah Dawney is part of a group of spatial hippie and she sings a song she co-wrote with Arthur Heinemann and the legendary Charles Napier. After her performance, and after trying a musical career, Deborah retires and becomes a painter rather known with the name of Deborah Lyons.
Liz Renay and her borderline (see review of "Blackenstein") and James E. Meyers, actor, musician, composer, producer, and especially co-author of the song "Rock Around The Clock", close the list of curious characters of a cast completed with so many actors and actresses often engaged in "sexploitation."

Technical Data Sheet

Orginale Title: Lady Godiva Rides
Alternative Titles: Lady Godiva Rides Again (UK), venial sins of Lady Godiva (Italy), Lady Pornos kärleksnätter (Sweden), Lady Godiva Meets Tom Jones (USA), Lady Godiva Rides Again (USA X-rated version), Der Ritt der Lady Godiva (Germany)
Year: 1969
Directed by: Stephen C.Apostolof
Cast: Marsha Jordan, Forman Shane, Deborah Downey, Elizabeth Knowles, James E.Myers, Meri Mc Donald, Liz Renay, Vincent Barbi
Running Time: 104 '
Production Company: Zsa Ltd