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 Secrets Of Sex

The last LSD crystals, trying to save themselves by hanging on this film but they have probably been eaten by filmmaker Anthony Balch. A long effect, for the record, which also affects "Horror Hospital" three years later.

"Secrets of Sex" or "Bizarre" (its title in the U.S.) is, in fact, a hallucinatory and psychedelic movie that comes on the limit of the maximum time. Made in 1969 and released in 1970 when there already who denies the past years, the "flower power", free love, drugs and psychedelic.

Instead Balch brings us to a very acidic movie, with a weird beginning and a development that although it is more "normal" than the first minutes is very bizarre.

Let's start! Two men and a woman naked in a barn. A quote from "Paradise Lost" by Milton, a scene in ancient times, with a man who buried alive his wife's lover. Then a mummy, mummy yes, (perhaps the lover?), which introduces us into the story by saying that for a thousand years, although locked up, he observed sexual behaviors and the battles of sex.
Change. A chubby girl undressing on the words of the mummy that says "imagine you were making love to this girl" then a series of fast imagine with boys and girls and the voice that repeat the same words "imagine you were making love to this girl (or boy)". Another change. We find a group of girls that undress while dancing and then are threatened by some boys, but they react in a very tough way.
It's not bad at all this incipit that opens to the stories that compose this movie. Six episodes very British between the grotesque, horror and comedy, which show, explain everything that has been introduced.

In the first the blood flows with a photographer who tortures a male model, hanging on to a huge sharp razor. He stands on it while the photographer and a friend have a very normal day. The second story starring a woman and her lover, they want a baby, but she did not tell him of his genetic defect.

The third is an explosion of nonsense, with a man who found a female thief in his house, and he confuses her (?) For a bird, they take a shower together, have sex, use a handset in an original way and then there is a vague final twist.

Then we see a story of an agent very expert at losing her clothes and then a moments of nonsense with a man who calls home a hooker and she is surprised by a thing that man has (it's not what you think).

Finally a dialogue, always meaningless, including an elderly woman and her butler who tells him about the men who loved in his life how she have damaged them, manipulated and now finally she has them where she would like. She is watering the flowers.Group sex and the mummy that says "And the battle goes on ...".

Valentine Dyall a great English radio and theater actor, famous for his deep voice that has made him an icon in a horror BBC radio program, is an excellent narrator of a movie that at the time had a great success and good reviews. In the off cinema of Piccadilly "Secrets Of Sex" in just six months, as what says Wikipedia that cites an issue of the magazine "Midnight Marquee" in 1992, the production returned of the costs and the movie continue to be programmed for many years.
We have to admit that this movie by the
In fact, you have to admit that this work by the brilliant Balch has a perverse charm, which conquer us thanks to its nonsense peaks, and British humor which as mentioned in other reviews, we love very much.

Technical Specifications
Original title: Secrets Of Sex
Alternative Titles: Bizarre, Eros Exploding (USA), Erotic Tales from Mummy's Tomb, Multiplication (UK)
Year: 1970
Directed by: Anthony Balch
Cast: Richard Schulman, Janet Spearman, Dortohy Grumbar, Anthony Rowlands, Norma Eden, George Herbert
Country: UK
Duration: 92 '
Production Company: Balch, Noteworthy Films