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Mia Moglie Un Corpo Per L'Amore

We are at the end of 1972 and Mario Imperoli has not yet met Gloria Guida. He did not even sitting behind a camera but he has written a couple of screenplays and produced a movie.
Italy was already in the "Anni di Piombo" and Italians had followed just two years earlier, with morbid attention, a big sex scandal ended in tragedy.
The result of all these things,  the debut of a director, the seventies and the crime, leading to "Mia Moglie Un Corpo per l'Amore" an erotic drama / thriller with good potential but with a poor result.
Despite a ​​powerful and tantalizingbasic idea the script written by Imperoli has significant development problems and excessive slow moments. The story starts as erotic drama, and ends in a thriller, in way not so much surprising. The music, however excellent, written by Franco Bixio not match with the themes of the movie.
The cast is based on the great Silvano Tranquilli and for the rest it promotes a well-known shoulder as Antonella Murgia and gives space to Peter Lee Lawrence took from the "Spaghetti Western" and a young Michele Placido.
The story focuses on Paolo and Simona (Silvano Tranquilli and Antonella Murgia), a married couple. He is a famous lawyer and she is a beautiful woman.
One day Paolo begins a morbid erotic game, pushing his wife to have sex with other men, including a former boyfriend, thinking of being able to hold the the game. But it's not. The situation gets out of hand turning the story from drama to erotic thriller.
Antonella Murgia blonde and buxom does her job, she doesn't play well, but she is very beautiful and perfect for the role. A formal Silvano Tranquilli goes from executioner to victim  without believing much or change his approach.
A film that doesn't work, but take significant ideas from the story of the Marquis Casati-Stampa,  a morbid story of sex scandals.
The protagonists are two: the Marquis Camillo Casati-Stampa and Anna Fallarino.
The first grows between vice and luxury, jet-set parties. The he married and has a daughter.
The second, Anna Fallarino, is a proletarian girls, who arrives in Rome from the province, she is very beautiful and works as model and tries to get in Cinecittà where she has a small role in "Totò Tarzan." The only one in her career. And then get married.
In 1955, the two meet at a party. He is twenty-eight years old, her two less.
Camillo falls in love and runs away with her. The two manage to get annul the previous marriage and marry in the church.
They are't exactly observants, because Camillo has a morbid habit: he likes to watch his wife Anna having sex with others men. Voyeur unleashed but also a passionate photographer, Camillo, doesn't lose a hard or  erotic moment of his wife, and he collects 1,500 photos.
Feasts, orgies, sex with strangers become the normal life for Camillo and Anna. And inevitably the game gets out of hand. Anna falls in love with one of the many lovers, Massimo and also tired of the situation tries to leave her husband.
Destroyed by jealousy, Camillo kills, on August 30, 1970, Anna and Massimo and then kills himself. From here starts a national scandal that uncovers (if there was a need) the manners and customs of some important persons.
The immense heritage of Camillo goes to Annamaria the daughter he had with his first wife, that being still a minor for the law of that time, needs a guardian.
The lawyer Cesare Previti is her guardian, and among the many things he must handle the sale of a villa in Arcore that ends for a small amount to a certain Silvio Berlusconi, at time building contractor. Well ... yes ... we can say that he has honored over the years to the lust of the previous owner of the villa.
And what is the scandal in this whole story, We let you to decide.