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 Mountain Of The Cannibal God

We are not great experts about this kind of market, but as we read on the internet the uranium market in the seventies was in great crisis. So we ask to ourselves why to use uranium as a trigger of events in a movie of 1978.
Then the fact that uranium is not good for health is well known and apparently it has contaminated the DNA of a tribe called Puka. Absurd. Cannibals. Dirty. But we'll talk about them later.
This mountain of uranium did not hurt, seeing the commercial success, the brothers Martino, Sergio as a director/writer (with Cesare Frugoni) and Luciano as producer.
The two absolutely not good for the genre, begins here a sort of adventure’s trilogy with the trusted Cassinelli between the protagonists, which continues with "L’Isola Degli Uomini Pesce" and ends with "Il Fiume Del Grande Caimano".
Here they are searching for the path of the cannibal movies, and they work with a big production. For example see the cast: we find, Ursula Andress who at forty years old and in a little 'artistic decline is still pretty, Stacy Keach who knows how he is finished among the cannibals and Claudio Cassinelli.
To this the Martinos combine with an extraordinary cleverness putting everything a movie like this need and everything that could attract the audience of the time and… modern fans of genre cinema.
Analyzing in detail "La Montagna del Dio Cannibale" is not a masterpiece. It’s far from it. It is a film that alternates long moments of useful words in the middle of nature and, especially in the end, moments where the words are replaced by violent actions.
We can divide the movie in two parts, a beginning more adventurous and a second part (mostly the ending) that seeks above all the action and the justification for calling himself "cannibal movie."
All this is interspersed with several inserts dragged into the movie, which should be witness to the harshness of the wild world, giving to the film a slight connotation of "Mondo Movie".
They are paying for, for the delight of splatter lovers, a series of animals, sliced to pieces (see the horrible scene of the dying monkey) or kille by uncivilized natives. However, compared to the master Deodato, Martino occasionally slips on the fake of these scenes as evidenced by the shadow of a person moving one of these wild animals.
The core of the film is composed by the adventure of a group of people who are coming towards to the so-called "Mountain of the Cannibal God." Susan (Ursula Andress) and her brother Arthur (Antonio Marino) leave for New Guinea (in fact, the film was shot in Sri Lanka) in search of Henry, husband of Susan, vanished into thin air.
There they find a guide, the Dr.Edward Foster (Stacy Keach), the usual cunning adventurer, a little 'more intellectual than usual, and the explorer Manolo (Claudio Cassinelli).
The group completed by a series of peons intended, already can guess, a bad end, facing the difficulties of the jungle, losing by the way numerous pieces, eaten by animals or killed by strange tribal warriors.
Situations that are in preparation of the action scenes that culminates with the arrival of the survivors to the mountain of the title, where there is the tribe of Puka.
From here on "La Montagna Del Dio Cannibale" gives some "scults” scenes like the famous scene with Ursula Andress tied naked to a rock worshiped as a good, and the consequent want of a man who wants to have sex with and then is punished with the cutting of the penis.
Passed a couple of years later by the totem "Cannibal Holocaust", the "La Montagna Del Dio Cannibile" remains one of the most famous Italian cannibal movies, thanks to the aforementioned all-star cast that does its job very well. The brothers De Angelis deal of the music.