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 A Woman's Torment

Welcome to the Findlay’s home. A beautiful place in the New York with a sexploitation, grind house and porn style, a place where the hosts, Michael and Roberta, greet you in the company of people like Joseph W. Sarno, George Weiss and a huge series of freak of a certain cinema.
Heroes of the underground cinema of the East Coast, the Findlays have written pages of history with weird and controversial movies, the ones that are not to be missed for those like us. Cult.

One, among many, that has all these things is "A Woman's Torment" of 1977.
As director there is Roberta that about two years ago, starts to direct porn movies becoming one the few women in the hard industry.
In this tragic year for the couple, Michael dies at only thirty-nine shredded by the blades of a helicopter, is released this porn movie with thriller/horror. Influences
As already mentioned is a weird and, controversial movie that takes over years a cult status, but left to those who want to talk about the difficult to summarizing the plot.
It’s very difficult because the plot is rather muddled and it’s clear that it’s only a justification for many hard scenes
However, everything works almost in this way Karen, traumatized by sex, goes around killing people after having sex with them. To her figure must be added other ones such as Otis and Estelle, who open the film and all the victims of the madness of the protagonist.

Trash in all, with a flat direction and a scandalous acting this movie find in the protagonist Tara Chung an incredible actress who somehow, is able to create a good character for the story.
The rest of the cast is made up of the porn star of the East Coast, as Jennifer Jordan, Jake Teague and Marlene Willoughby an actress, the latter, which in addition to porn starred in theater, writing articles for magazines, starred in major films and had one of the first fan club.
Sealed by delirious reviews (memorable the one of "Screw Magazine" that defines this one the hard version of "Psycho") "A Woman's Torment" is a great testimony of a certain cinema, made by a great director Roberta Findlay continues to work in the genre until 1985, when she realizes the controversial "Shauna: Every Man's Fantasy" focused on the suicide of porn star Shauna Grant.