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Six Swedes at Pump

The six "Swedish" with purple shirt, miniskirt and no underwear (it’s the rule), proudly return to the headlines of the town after they graduate in the college of "Sechs Schwedinnen Im Pensionat." They find a work only a year later (lucky!) in a gas station with a restaurant in a small town in Switzerland. The restaurant for the record is located in Avegno Gordevio, Canton Ticino, a town that probably is the set of the outside broadcast and the gas station only serves to move the plot. That is we have the most banal double meanings, the easiest situations to create opportunities for soft-core. Our heroines are in fact very proud of their sexual freedom and use, the service station to meet lucky travelers who stop for gasoline. The fuel pump that enters the tank, the liquid that comes out is a clear metaphor and symbol of the movies, which certainly we don’t have to explain.
"Sechs Schwedinnen Von Der Tankstelle" adds another parallel story, the wife of the mayor who tries to convince her husband to expels the girls because she annoyed by their customs. It's just envy and especially afraid of competition. She's very beautiful and libertine and has several affairs with the councilors who have sex with her arriving late to meetings, creating the catchphrase of the film.
The good Erwin C.Dietrich  creates a cheerful comedy soft-core, which has no great pretensions technical or narrative, shifting to the absurdity the story of this six "Swedish" (quotation marks are necessary because none of the actress are Swedish or Scandinavian). There is no doubt, "Sechs Schwedinnen Von Der Tankstelle" is more absurd than its predecessor, because you will agree with us that put six girls in college and then strip them and see them at work can have its own logic, but putting them in a gas station with restaurant/pub and then strip them and see them in action is a little absurd.
Despite the absence of a great history, there is to say that the girls are very beautiful. The usual amazing Brigitte Lahaie driving a battery of girls composed by Jane Baker (the mayor's wife), Nadine Pascal and France Lomay and for the male we have Eric Falk, Roman Huber and Karl Gisling (saw always in this serie) all interpreters of the European erotic cinema.
It should also be pointed out that some jokes are funny, like the catchphrase of the late councilors and especially the erotic television precursor in a sense of smart TV, even if the idea of Dietrich is still a lot more beyond than the reality.
That crazy Swiss director manages once again to create a product quite useless but fun, with nice music and lots of naked girls.

Original title: Sechs Schewdinnen Von Der Tankstelle
Alternative Titles: Swedish Sex Service (Australia), 6 en Suecas a gasolinera (Spain), Filles sans voile, à la Six Suédoises pumps (France), High Test Girls (USA) Friendly Favors, Six Swedes at a Pump, Swedish Erotic Sexations, Swedish Gas Pump Girls (International)
Country: Switzerland
Year: 1980
Director: Erwin C.Dietrich
Cast: Brigitte Lahaie, Jane Baker, Nadine Pascal, France Lomay, Eric Falk, Flore Sollier, Karl Gysling, Roman Huber, Barbara Moose, Elodie Delage
Production Company: Elite
Duration: 81 '