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 Santo Contra Los Hombres Infernales

No it’s not a mistake. We quote the same lines we used for "Santo Contra Cerebro Del Mal", but it’s not a mistake, because both movies have the same final scene and then the same lines. So we will use it again to witness the bond between the two films, shot, as we said in the previous review, in the same place and in the same days. Cuba. A few days before the triumph of the revolution. Two twins movies. Dizygotic twins, however, because "Santo Contra Cerebro Del Mal" we have a story that follows a logic, we see fight scenes and we have our legendary El Santo (called El Enmascarado De La Plata) as a co-star. But in "Santo Contra Los Hombres Infernales" (released without the word "Santo" that was added later), things change radically. Because this one is not a movie about the hero of Lucha Libre, but a crime movie with him appearing as a supporting actor. We see him few times. He does little things. He fights a little more and talks less. Just a couple of times for all these situations.
First or second movie of the series, does not matter, what is certain is that "Hombres Infernales" is far less than “Santo Contra Cerebro Del Mal". The plot runs slow without great moments of action until the final scene which is the one in common with the other film shot in La Habana.
The protagonist is Joaquin Cordero a man who pretends to be a Mexican crook to infiltrate a gang of drug Cubans dealers. El Santo or better Enmascarado De La Plata is an undercover cop who saves Cordero. At the end of the band is defeat and Cordero finds his girlfriend.
A little thing here can be saved as images of Cuba before the revolution and some musical moment. This is a movie to be seen only if you don’t want to miss a frame of the film career of the legendary Rodolfo Guzman Huerta.

Technical Data Sheet
Original title: El Hombres Infernales
Alternative Titles: Holy Vs.Infernal Men (USA)
Year: 1961
Country: Mexico, Cuba
Directed by: Joselito Rodriguez
Cast: Ghost, Joaquin Cordero, Jorge Marx, Fernando Osés, Gina Romand, Enrique Zambrano
Duration: 75 '
Production Company: Aticca