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 Celestine an All Round Maid

Don't be fooled by appearances, the happy context, the comic moments, the comedy situations. Don't be fooled even by Lina Romay, Pamela Stanford and a great Howard Vernon. Because in addition to the bare, the soft-core scenes and the funny moments, there is a tough critique of bourgeois society and respectability.
Jess Franco in his own way (in a very own way) elaborates the concepts of "Le Journal d'une femme de chambre" a 1900 novel by Octave Mirbeau, already finished on big screen in 1946 by Jean Renoir and in 1964 by Luis Bunuel. This is a third version that takes inspiration from the original and move ideas on sex and on protagonist that is a kind of preacher of morals and ideas freedom. A real mission, by her own admission, anti-conformist, which aims to explain to much people as possible how good it's to live free. And if there is 1974's Lina Romay who tells that you are assured that no matter how bigoted you are you be convinced easily.
Jess Franco makes a sizzling erotic comedy, with little strokes of genius, but very well structured, which goes straight from start to finish (except for some small hitch).
An eroticism always present but much less explicit than in other Franco's movies and an excellent ability to manage many events without creating chaos. The story is set in the late nineteenth century, and has his strong point on the characters taken from Mirbeau and blew themselves up in their sexuality. "Celestine an All Round Maid" relies on a cast that is exploited in the best of their ability. Howard Vernon is memorable in the role of an elderly patient, a satyr, who loves hear erotic novels rejuvenating  with Celestine's treatments. Celestine, the protagonist, is perfect for Lina Romay, who with her beauty and her sunny manages to create a believable character who works well.
Pamela Stanford instead, statuesque beauty, plays the old man's grandson, in love with her cousin, but still unaware of the pleasures of the flesh. Behind this trio are other great characters that range from servants (butler, gardener, another maid) to the owners father, mother, with man very libertine and she very bigoted and a son very hard-working but curious about the pleasures of the life.

A noble ambience, apparently respectable, upset by the arrival of Celestine. She is a beautiful young girl who runs away quite naked (we can remove quite) from a brothel after a police raid. She took refuge in this huge house, convinces the gardener and then the butler to ask the owner to hire her as a waitress. She offers her services, by day and night for all of them, changing people's lives and creating a strong emotional bond. Celestine helps them open their eyes, exposes the hypocrisy but the persons of the house will reciprocate.
Fast-paced, funny situations, beautiful girls, in a film quite different from those at which the great Franco has accustomed us.