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 Il solco di Pesca

Travelling from the brain to the ass this film is lost in the bowels and doesn't reach his goal.
Evidently combine the two things, trying to make an intellectual movie (brain) and putting the Italian erotic comedy (ass) is not easy. The risk is to create a movie imbalanced to one side or the other, or even worse, to create a film that is not flesh nor fowl, but bored to death the audience despite the quantity and quality of the produciont. Including that of asses.
The intellectual Maurizio Liverani, film critic, journalist, writer, and in only two cases (this and "You know what Stalin did to Women?") director, fall in this trap.
Among erudite citations, satire on the intellectuals on the church (and ass of course) he creates a film that minute after minute gets boring and isn't able to reverse the course.
The desire to do the thing well is still more than evident. Liverani tries a good directione some minimal and fascinating images and he creates grotesque situations and works with two beautiful actresses. He can also create interesting characters and moments of corrosive satire, but there isn't a continuity. And as we said it's boring. Probably it also bore a master of the subject as Tinto Brass who however appreciate , like us, the beauty of the two female leads Martine Brochard and Gloria Guida.
The first, an actress well known in Italy for the many appearances, especially in genre cinema (with Tinto Brass and we see her in "Paprika"), here is the woman "mature" (he was only thirty years) and intellectual beauty. Gloria Guida instead is exploited as usual in her innocent malice, in her simply beauty.
Them are at the center of an intricate erotic game that starts from Davide a passionate photographer of asses that one day knows Viviane (Martine Brochard) a married woman with an intellectual actor.
The two start a love story, David went to live at the home of Viviane and when the heat fades, in the game enters the maid Tonina (Gloria Guida).
The husband of Viviane albeit open-minded when discovers the affair throw out of the house everyone, jealous, mostly of Tonina.
So the threego to the house of David, but the cohabitation does not last long, because the photographer former seminarian is again attracted by vocation, materialized by the figure of a shady priest.
To lower the whole level there are the performance of a male cast uninspired. Alberto Terracina interprets apathetic David and Diego Ghiglia in the role of the husband of Viviane tries to be a satire on the intellectuals, a character who, however, as throughout the film, does not work totally.

Technical Data Sheet
Original Title: The Furrow of Fishing
Country: Italy
Year: 1976
Director: Maurizio Liverani
Cast: Gloria Guida, Martine Brochard, Alberto Terracina, Ghiglia Diego, Roy Bosier, Rita Corradini, Emilio Cigoli
Duration: 85 '
Production Company: Top International Films