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Naughty Nun 

Catchy song and great exhibition of the beautiful body of Malisa Longo. We don't want to be the usual dirty pigs attracted by boobs, but there is only one thing to say in this case: this is a great start.
Helped also by an interesting title (literally the beautiful Antonia, at first Nun, then Demon) the film by Mariano Laurenti is really promising. Promises that over time are not kept reminding us that those were the years when a title gave almost everything. If the good Mariano Laurenti ended the movie at the beginning with the opening credit and especially with the boobs of Malisa Longo, would be much better. Instead the movies continues and forces us to find it a sense (and justify the vision) to say that this movie is the dress rehearsal for the totem of decamerotico "Quel Gran Pezzo Dell'Ubalda Tutta Nuda Tutta Calda" .

Here, however, despite having a great cast, a great location (the city of Gubbio) and a good direction Laurenti fails to create an interesting story or at least to make us laugh with the classic trashy gags. Better to say that he can keep the good start that apart from the boobs of Malisa Longo, also shows some good comic moment.
So we must focus on Malisa Longo and Edwige Fenech, two beautiful that "duel" at arm's length without winners or losers, with the strange use of the singer Piero Focaccia in a not credible role of Playboy (Don Backy did the same and better "Quando Le Donne si Chiamavano Madonne") as a link between the two. The reliable supporting actors Riccardo Garrone, Tiberio Murgia, Luciana Turina, Umberto D'Orsi and Romano Malaspina (known voice actor), complete the cast of this 1972's movie.

 Antonia, starring Edwige Fenech wants to marry her beloved Folco Piccolomini (Romano Malaspina), but the union is opposed by their families, with fathers Giovanni Piccolomini (Riccardo Garrone) and Domenico Mencaglia (Umberto D'Orsi) on the warpath, for matters of dowry. To give the right advices there is the painter Claudio Fornari (Piero Focaccia), playboy who has sex with a good number of women of the village, in which there is Caterina (Malisa Longo) innkeeper's wife. He is hire for paint a portrait of Antonia and he shows to the local female population a great innovation that comes from Milan: underwear.
Parallel stories that intersect with Antonia who refuge in the convent to the despair of love denied. But the happy ending coming soon, Antonia married Fulco, betrays him during the wedding party and the painter is regret from his many lovers.
Great success at the time for a story taken from the writings of Pietro Aretino a great inspirer of decamerotico and written for the screen by Carlo Veo equally important for the Italian erotic comedies.

Original Title: The beautiful Monica Antonia first and then devils
Securities Alternative A Bela Antônia (Brazil), The beautiful Antonia, primero monja despues devil (Spain), Wehe, wenn die uns packt Lust (Germany), Y Jaimito que no es tonto (Spain)
Year: 1972
Director: Mariano Laurenti
Cast: Edwige Fenech, Piero Focaccia, Malisa Longo, Riccardo Garrone, Luciana Turina, Romano Malaspina
Duration: 78 '
Production Company: Plant Film, National Film Festival, Lea Movies