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Lust For Dracula

In the world of direct to video there is also who seek an artistic side. Or at least tries. Among millions of vampires who have sex since many years comes out this work that seems to search the romantic, dreamy and an intellectual aspect.
The effort is admirable, but we are with a production of "Seduction Cinema", with a movie of the series “Misty Mundae” directed by Tony Marsiglia. And as we know none of them aims or have the ability to make an erotic auteur movie.
With "Lust For Dracula" we are facing with a lesbo-softcore, who uses only one man but many women always without clothes. A film that confuses us with its many intellectual’s things and even
More bores us
We must admit that the choice of the cast is not bad and is the only justification for its vision and for the rest Tony Marsiglia with Misty Mundae takes the history of the famous vampire, modifying and transposing it to Beverly Hills.
Mina (Erin Brown) is the repressed wife of a wealthy businessman (which is actually a woman) and she lives in a state of almost perpetual trance thanks to powerful medicines. She suffers, also because she would have a child and put all her desire on a doll.
During a night in the home pool, appears the seductive (and naked) Dracula who reveals to her terrible secrets and open her mind to various pleasures easily imaginable.
There is also a Van Helsing and other enemies who seek to kill the beautiful vampire.

The search for a cinema more refined and the consequent creation of scenes with different symbolism creates a slow movie that cannot even rely on a script or a decent direction.
"Lust For Dracula" shows sometime good shot and we aren’t talking about the many naked scenes But also of vivid colors and scenes well structured...
Few, too few, to make us appreciate this work of 2004, shot in just five days with a budget of $ 60,000. If you like there is the hard-core version.

Original Title: Lust Of Dracula
Cast: Erin Brown, Darian Caine, Julian Wells, Andrea Davis, Shelly Jones, Casey Jones
Year: 2004
Country: USA
Director: Tony Marseille
Production Company: Seduction Cinema
Duration: 90 '