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Island Of Sin

Maybe it’s not the best way to start a post, but we must say that we are more interested in the mystery that lingers over this film than the film itself.

A mystery that after search on every page of the Internet, as well those in Greek remain unsolved. So, everything revolves around the theme of the film and around the director's life. In 1973 was released "Το νησί της αμαρτίας" a Greek movie literally translated into "Island Of Sin".

An island, some people, all attracted by sex and two violent fugitives. There is everything for a holy and damned "rape and revenge", which follows a year "The Last House On The Left".
But the director Kostas Doukas (director and writer to be precise) seems that he died in 1967.
That's the mystery. We are facing with a posthumous film that anticipates several years the themes of the "rape and revenge" or, as some say, Doukas died after 1973 considering several other films released after 1967?
Who knows! And we have to talk only about the movie.
This is a work hard to categorize, that wanders from the drama to thriller, leaving the only certainty that is very erotic. Must be said that the "rape and revenge" hovers, but rather is a subject mentioned that explodes in its entirety only in the last moments of the story, creating a moment between the comic and drama (more to the first).
For the rest is inevitable to see that the protagonists, the future hostages of the two criminals, think only to have sex. The women buzzing around the alpha male, Dimitris, fisherman for passion, playboy for work. To him cling all women or almost of the history, that are on holyday in the house of the daughter of a rich businessman on an island of Argosanikos.
You may think that the two dangerous fugitives dive into this luxurious group, but it doesn’t happen soon.
One of the two killed his wife who betrayed him because he was suffering from for erectile problem, we don’t know what did the other one, but the two think a lot 'before taking hostage the whole group and then they only plan their escape.
The chance to get away, the hostages would have as well, but they prefer spend time under the watchful eyes of the two criminals.

So, it happens very little, there is little violence (just a fist fight between the two criminals) and there are some insults.
The one that moves the situation is the beautiful Aliki, daughter of the rich house owner. She already threw himself fearlessly into the arms of Dimitris, with whom she has a curious sexual intercourse in water, eroticizes one of the two, they have sex and then she challenges the other.
The second one is Stamatis the one who had killed his wife. And here we enter into the absurd, because Aliki cause to the man a moment of anger and then she tries to escape. The girl runs away, Stamatis chases her for miles, sometimes shoots (the other hostages are trying in vain to reach the two) and finally on a beach he has sex with her. Then, incredibly, Stamatis dance, dance and dance again with joy, a tribal joy (and hilarious) that ends with the film, when a rifle shot takes him in the chest. "Rape and revenge" in four minutes.
Lacks credibility both as drama and as erotic movie, "Island Of Sin" is still an interesting trash episode trash embellished by the sepia flashbacks that show the life of Stamatis and the one of his dissolute and buxom wife.

Technical Data Sheet
Title: To Nisi Tis Amartias
Alternative titles: Violent Rape (USA), Hostage of Lust, Island of 1000 Rapes, Island of Sin (International)
Director: Kostas Doukas
Year: 1973
Country: Greece
Cast: Giorgios Stratikakis, Lia Flessa, Petro Zarkadis, Yannis Petrakis, Argyris Violaris, Moshoviti Mary, Mary Daneziou
Duration: 80 '
Production Company: Nipa Films