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Strip Mahjong: Battle Royale

In this case is matter of memories. The Mahjong reminds us of our first PC games. The strip remembers the first websites that we visited. And the fact that this is a Japanese film, reminds us, once again, that the Asian filmmakers are mad and brilliant artists.
Only they can make a film about Mahjong set in a basement that includes torture, humiliation, humor and tits. And only they can manage to make a film, which despite having a unique set and a narrative line is interesting from the beginning to the end.

The usual fast direction with a rough editing, showing us a film on which, for all the things we said in the previous lines, there is little to say. Because at the we are in a dark underground theater where a presenter named Kato assisted by Ranran Tachibana, play-by-play on a web channel a match of Strip Mahjong where the prize is ten million of yen. There are four challengers. Yuka Kashiwagi, leader of the band "Afterschool Expedition", Aoi Onizuka an unscrupulous lawyer, Misuzu Kaneda from uptown and the precarious worker by choice Mirai Kisaragi. On the latter must be emphasized that it is called a freeter (Free from English ter from German Arbeiter, ie working) definition for young Japanese seeking odd jobs to stay free, going in contrast with the society.
Four girls who have something to be forgiven by Japan conservative society and that in a certain way make this film a satire on the rigid traditions and lifestyles of the country of the rising sun.
The game rules are very simple, they play Mahjong but whoever loses the so-called "strip cards" will suffer a harsh punishment. All wear an electric collar.
Punishments show sadomasochistic perversion that we have already seen in other Japanese films. Violent squeezing, strip off bra, twisted slip to lesbo moment.
Nothing too hard, a little 'eroticism which helps to run the story. And the movie in its simplicity works.
"Datsui-Majan Batoru rowaiaru" literally translated into English is the first film by director Mac.P.Forever that from 2011 onwards has made three other films from the titles that seem to follow this trend.

Technical Data Sheet
Original Title: Datsui-Majan Batoru rowaiaru
Alternative titles: Strip Mahjong: Battle Royale
Year: 2011
Country: Japan
Directed by: Mac P.Forever
Cast: Mako Higashio, Hiroaki Kawatsure, Nina, Anzu Sasaki, Kaori Sasaki, Runa Shimotsuki, Hitomi They use
Production Company: Chance In, JollyRoger, New Select
Duration 77 '