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Do Or Die

Here is the turning point of Sidaris. But keep quiet friends, we aren’t in New York in winter, the main characters aren’t nerd with little tits and there is nothing intellectual. No, not at all. We are always in Hawaii, the heroines are two super secret agents full of silicone and there are firecrackers as New Year’s Eve.
However, when one is a trash genius, when one is Andy Sidaris, is able to change story using the same features and the same patterns.
In "Do Or Die" of 1991, the good Sidaris reverses the situation, putting the two heroines under the constant danger of six teams of killers, making them also the hunter of the villain who wants to kill them. A circular situation that also sounds good, but we are in the "Triple B" (bullets, bombs and babes) and the screenplay is written by the director himself, and so there are a number of impossible situations.
Almost without the slightest logical thread, we see the story of Masakane Kaneshiro "Kane" for friends, dangerous criminal in Bond movies style that decided to kill the two super agents Donna Hamilton and Nicole Justin. The villain of obvious Japanese origin is played by Pat Norita, him, the legendary Mr. Myagi and Arnold of "Happy Days" that after reaching the top of his career, slips a bit in the oblivion and is rescue by Sidaris that is a precursor of the casting of Syfy’s movies.
Actually "Kane" spends more time to massage and get massaged by his busty oriental assistant, with which occasionally look at the monitor the movements of his objectives and those of his men. How know where Donna and Nicole are? Well easy, he just put under the clock of either a bug that the two super agents, although very clever, find only ten minutes from the end of the movie.
Easy game for "Kane"? No. Because his teams of killers who must kill the two girls, are composed by the worse fucking idiot of the US, clumsy stooges unable to complete the mission and eliminated easily by Donna, Nicole and friends.
The two are aware of the danger and find in a large group of friends good helpers. Among these there is Bruce Penhall already seen in "Guns" who, after the glorious years of the "Chip's" runs on a bike alongside Erik Estrada back here to play a character good.
The hunting of two women is a tight and triggers an infinite series of events and consequent explosions and deaths. There isn’t a moment where nothing happens in "Do or Die" and the slower moments are represented by soft-core scenes that show the talent of various cosmetic surgeons.
The ending is a surprise, because after eliminating all the bad our heroines doesn’t point to "Kane" but leave him free and safe, with massages and his busty assistant.
Ultra trash episode that reveals several errors, such as guns that shoot too much and absurd death.
The cult scene, that never miss in a Sidaris’ movie, is represented by a lunch at a restaurant, with two cooks just hired that welcome Donna, Nicole and friends promising a special dish, because they are friends of the owner. How the two can know that the group is a friend of the owner is not clear, but it is clear however that the dish is poisoned and a poor cat dies for a bite of it.
Aside from all that bad can be said about directing and especially acting, we have to admit that Andy Sidaris reaches all his goals creating a good movie for the genre. The director promised bullets, bombs and babes. And that's what he offers. It is good isn’t?