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Blonde Ambition

The blonde ambitions are many, and there is who think that they are superficial. There's Madonna with her 1990 tour or a 2007 movie inspired by "Working Girl." And more, and more
Then there are the ambitions, of the sisters and Sugar and Candy Kane, important ambitions, because the two from performing in a small local town in America end up in a club in the Big Apple.
Now, we must break down the ambitions of the viewers, because we aren’t facing with a story about hard work, talent, and success, because in reality the two end up in New York on the set of the porn remake of "Gone With The Wind."
They are even in a delicate jewelry intrigue between Drag Queen and a rich English woman. Things that create a rambling erotic comedy of 1981 the style of the previous decade.

Sometimes "Blonde Ambition" is fun, some gags are good, especially when there are words jokes, or when one of the sisters detonates the set of the film, while other times is really boring a with a very slow.

Added to this are a little 'hard scenes, not many, with the two sisters who goes around in NY searching for hot adventures.
The result is a harmless film.

The directors are John and Lem Amero two gay brothers, who for over twenty years worked in porn and exploitation also with the crazy Findlay,
The cast is composed by the English Suzy Mandel, in her penultimate film, famous for having worked in several British comedies and some TV programs and commercials, including the "Benny Hill Show", before leaving the cinema to become a nurse. She refused to shoot hard scenes that were done with a stunt double.

Other colleagues on the set are actors and actresses who have often worked in porn including Eric Edwards who proclaimed the only actor to have done porn movies in all the decades from the sixties to the nineties and Robert Kerman that we seen in "Cannibal Holocaust".
Others who had great ambitions.