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Les Exploits d'un jeune Don Juan

Only a question dear male friends. You are teenager, you come back home after a long time, (an estate more than just a house) and there you  find an endless series of women who voluntarily and involuntarily provoke you. The question is, after how many seconds you would lose your head? And if among these there is Serena Grandi in great shape? And if the men left for the front leaving you alone with all these women?
Very few seconds, for anyone, from the most emotional to the most nerd. No one could resist to the beauty of Serena Grandi that welcomes you with a smile.

She is the protagonist but also the emblem of this erotic comedy that balances well the two characteristics. The eroticism is elegant, absolutely not morbid and go with the lightness and sometimes the irony of history.
The reason for this success is partly due to the skill of the director, Gianfranco Mingozzi, assistant director of "La Dolce Vita" by Fellini and then well known world-renowned documentary filmmaker who has shot also movie as with "Flavia La Monaca Mussulmana" , "Il Frullo del Passero" and "L'Appassionata".
The good balance of factors must be added also to a good achievement, which starts from credible reconstruction of the environment of the time (we are in 1914) and get to take advantage of the beauty of the location, the castle of Béhoust, which increases the overall charm. Equally goog are the direction and  the photography, the latter, by Luigi Verga.

"Les Exploits d'un jeune Don Juan" the short novel by Guillaume Apollinaire already finished on the big screen with "Tendres Cousines" of 1980, is the inspiration and implementation, as well the original title for this italo/French movie of 1986.
The teenager Roger come back in the great family estate, in the midst of  many women and a few men. Thanks to the waitress Ursula (Serena Grandi) he discovers the pleasures of the flesh, unleashing later with all the other women of the house, young and old, thanks to the fact that the few men alreadypresent  left for the front, leaving him alone with the temptations .
The weskness of this film is the Roger, played by Fabrice Josso that creates a character too much amazed by new discoveries. Quiet Roger! They're just boobs, are not aliens!
Serena Grandi instead at the top of the career plays a character very suited to her characteristics, and above all is the absolute leader of the whole army of women.
The rest of the cast is made up of important actors and famous faces of French and European cinema between these must report the presence of former Miss France 1958 and former "Bond Girl" Claudine Auger as the mother of Roger, Marina Vlady, François Perrot Aurélien Recoing and the debut ten years old of Virginie Ledoyen.