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Santa Claus

The devil is the devil, he do his job. He is right he tries to destroy good things.
Santa Claus instead is a real bastard because he exploits children from all over the world making them work in continuous flow on a spaceship that flies around the earth. Not even the big companies are (still) come to that.
He also uses children whose tradition is far from Christmas. Because in addition to Mexican, Italian, French, American and many South Americans, surprisingly there are Chinese, Japanese and even Eastern (say Arabs) who sing and work for the man with the belly, a beard and red jacket.
It's more powerful than an acid this Mexican film of 1959, by the great René Cardona, who direct a crazy story, which even more amazingly got a great commercial success.
What is the secret of this success, it's hard to say, maybe the mix of two evil minds (also Santa Claus that sometimes not brought us what we wanted) that although they conflict in history join their extravagance. Or rather, their incredible characters, good for the best "B Movies".
"Santa Claus" ("Vs the Devil" in the English version) is about demon named Precio sent to earth by Lucifer to try to ruin Christmas for the children of Mexico City and unleash the revolt against Santa.
Attempts, absurd and unnecessary, watched from a distance by Santa that certainly can not leave his factory. Precio (or Pitch in English) tries often to accomplish his mission, he tries to convince children to irritate a Santa Claus in a mall. Or a child to steal a doll (with a kitsch ballet of rag dolls), use of the accomplices and tries to sabotage even the sleigh and the toys. Santa naturally wins helped by Mr.Merlin a magician (who could not miss) his trusted man.
All these adventures go through a series of sweet songs, cloying moments, ballets unbearable on sets and gadgets that would be good in "Brazil" by Terry Gilliam and even more in "Willy Wonka" by Stuart and also in that of Burton.
Weird more than many movies that we have already reviewed, "Santa Claus" turn the other bizarre film about Santa "Santa Claus Conquers The Martians" in a great sci-fi.
The protagonist is Jose Elias Moreno a myth of Mexican cinema, a versatile actor and beloved here is the hero of what has become an unmissable movie of Christmas period.

Title: Santa Claus
Alternative titles: Санта Клаус (USSR), Santa Claus Vs The Devil (English)
Country: Mexico
Duration: 97 '
Year: 1959
Director: René Cardona
Cast: Jose Elias Moreno, cesarean Quezadas, José Luis Aguirre, Armano Arriola, Lupita Quezadas, Antonio Diaz Conde, Nora Veryan, Polo Oritin
Production Company: Cinematográfica Calderón SA