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Suburbia Confidential

The Suburban Housewives defeat the Desperate Housewives for a lot. The TV series by Marc Cherry was very funny but in comparison to the history that the good C.Apostolof Stephen tells in this film, Cherry's housewives seem just a little 'bored.
After bringing us in the cemetery of "Orgy of the Dead", the Bulgarian director leads us to the "graveyard" of unsatisfied women who come back to life seducing various
The idea is simple, as the realization and the story and the structure is the classic sketch. Nothing special, we might say that is trivial, useless, but there is a perverse fascination that makes us say that Stephen manages to create a film enjoyable not boring despite the almost complete repetition of the events that are always in a room.
Perhaps the Bulgarian director chooses good actresses, good music or perhaps because is a very short movie helps to avoid annoying the viewer who by the way is hit by a fast and  surprising start that saves only the nude and sex scene.
The suffering of these women is told by Henri Legrand the psychiatrist that is treating them. He introduces the history and launches each segment, then leave the rest to the images.
The list is not very long and starts with the buxom Mrs. Fox who seduces the TV repairman of television and later the milkman.
Parsi Palmer instead had sex and then his partner wearing her underwear. Sally Dane is tied to the bed and tickled by a salesman, while Mona Carter has a lesbian relationship with a seller of cosmetics. Finally Joy Graham, wife of a tennis player, had fun in a hotel room with the waiter.
Easy. Linear. Without great efforts. But the whole in its overall mediocrity, we reiterate that (amazingly) works. Damn A.C. Stephen!

Technical Data Sheet
Original Title: Suburbia Confidential
Year: 1966
Country: USA
Duration: 59 '
Director: A. C. Stephen
Cast: George Cooper, John Andrews, John Bealey, James Jeans, Mikel Angel, Louis Ojena, Phil Brian, Mark Crowe
Production Company: A.F.P.I. Productions