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Mädchen im Nachtverkehr

“Yes. Mustafa, our motto is one for three, three for one, viva the musketeers!”

You know how it works. Opening on a bed with three naked women. Beautiful music. Zoom on the B side of two of them. The music fades; the three wakes up and continue to stand naked, talking and getting massages.
Now we should make you a riddle: who is behind all this? Let's only say that they speak German and that we are in 1976.
Ok, ok, it’s a really easy question, because it is easy to see that we are faced with another erotic film by Franco-Dietrich.
This time the two aren’t with their muses, leaving to the good Eric Falk in the role of a well-hung Turkish named Mustafa the task of standard bearer of the company and the leadership of the actresses mentioned above among which the most famous is Esther Moser view in several movies.
Comedy hard core decidedly misogynistic, with soft-core version (that we saw) that does not leave much to the imagination, seeing the long erotic scenes, often free, like the one the three eat bananas (!) and close-ups of genitals, male and female with comic moments.
The plot clearly simple, tells of three happy and carefree girls, who are the strippers/call girl. They want a better life and they work hard to achieve it. However they end up one at a time in a brothel in Turkey run by Mustafa, from which they try to escape using the only weapons they have in their possession.
Excessive machismo aside, "Girls Night In Traffic" has an aesthetic more than decent, especially thanks 70's furniture, some camera movements and especially the music.
Nothing in particular, however, a movie recommended only for fanatics of these two nice dirty men...

Technical Data Sheet
Original Title: Mädchen im Nachtverkehr
Original Title: Girls in the Night Traffic (USA, alternative), Wilde Lust (Germany), Wild Desire (English title hard core)
Country: Switzerland
Year: 1976
Director: Erwin C.Dietrich, Jess Franco
Cast: Kali Hansa, Pilar Coll, Esther Moser, Eric Falk, Roman Huber, Marlies Haas, Paul Nussbaumer
Duration: 69 '