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The Last Decameron

This time we judge the book by its cover. First the author. A certain Joe D'Amato, who after several years in various roles on the sets, tries for the first time the director’s role.
And then we judge it thanks to a fabulous song mid zany style and church song that opens the movie, written, like all the music by Franco Salina with orchestra directed by Roberto Pregadio.
And in spite of proverb we are right.
This is the beginning of a surprising decamerotico, surprising for for us, as for D'Amato, who give the sign of this work to Romano Gastaldi because he was already credited as director of photography and because he thought that this movie wasn’t good.

A movie in the early days of the genre that, on one hand escapes from typical style of decamerotico
and on the other shows the characteristics and desires of our beloved Aristide Massaccesi.

That then is an anthology film helps to keep alive the attention, running away from the risk of a boring story. For the rest the comic moments aren’t trash as in the most famous Decamerotici but the nudity are more as well as erotic moments but these are more "told" that represented.

A little of violence and a story about transvestism and the work is done and is possible to see the future career of the Roman director.

After the parade of happy monks who run through the fields, we see three stories introduced by brief interludes (there's also Joe D'Amato uncredited) which have in common the licentiousness and sin. The women are described as capable of dropping into temptation anyone, interested in pleasure on the one hand, but absolutely in control of their destinies and those of the husbands.
So, you can consider this description as a misogynist or feminist but what is clear is that the husbands are inept more interested in business than to married life.
Between, wife and husbands metaphorically and physically, end up lovers who become objects in women's hands.
In the first episode we see the story of two sisters in law. Antona is the wife of a wealthy businessman, and she has an affair with Master Ignazio the painter of the village.
The husband left the house for collect the money from a debtor and the lover go in his home.
But the man back home suddenly Ignazio hide under the bed.
At the same time Lucrezia, the sister of the landlord, visit his brother and tired from the journey is resting in bed. She has sex with Mastro Ignazio. When the landlord left again the house the women use till the end the painter
The second story instead tells the bloody story of Fra Giovanni. Confessing Tonia, a woman from the intense sexual life, the monk begins to desire her. The woman clever exploits him, asking favors and money until the husband find the Friar naked in the bedroom and inflicts him extreme punishment.
The third and final part starring a guy hopelessly in love with a certain Lavinia. The latter is married to Messer Galimberto, old and avaricious man, who doesn’t satisfy her sexually. The guy who burns with desire pretends woman and gets hired to serve in the house, under the name Lucia, satisfying his desires and those of Lavinia.

Of course that there is something strange is something which Lavinia quickly notice and unfortunately her husband too. Lucia says he's a freak of nature and consulted a doctor, passes to be a lucky charm capable of generating sons. So Lavinia sacrifices himself to give an heir to her husband. Willingly and repeatedly.
Marzia Damon actress who plays Lucia is a name that does not say much, but she seems the low-cost version of Fenech. With her in the cast we see Attilio Dottesio, born as a stage actor, he starred in many films through gender in general, Stefano Oppedisano and Vera Drudi.

Technical Data Sheet
Original Title: Sollazzevoli stories of wives and husbands revelers penitents - Decameron nº 69
Alternative titles: More Sexy Canterbury Tales (UK), Novelle fatty et sollazzevoli historie (working title), Sollazzevoli stories of wives and husbands revelers penitents (Italy, short title), The Last Decameron (USA DVD), hemmungslos der Lust Verfallen (Germany )
Year: 1972
Director: Joe D'Amato
Cast: Marzia Damon, Enza Sbordone, Attilio Dottesio, Ari Hanow, Stefano Oppedisano, Maria Piera Regoli, Antonio Spaccatini, Gianni Ucci, Vera Drudi
Duration: 80 '
Production Company: Transglobe Italian