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Kiss Meets The Phantom of The Park

Ace Frehley, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and Peter Criss. The KISS. A rock band that know the importance of the image and marketing. Even before the invasion of objects about them (among which the coffin and Hello Kitty), the four original members at the top of fame, following the suggestion of the legendary manager Bill Aucoin, and in 1978 they enter the world of comics and especially in the world of cinema.
The goal was to grow even more the reputation of the group and to do that Aucoin think to give them a superheroes aura.
The film project, a TV movie aired for the first time at NBC, has Joseph Hanna and Hanna-Barbera studio, as producers with KISS and Aucoin. The director is Gordon Hessler, producer and director's more of TV series and the script is of two authors without a great resume.

It’s perhaps for this reason that we are faced with a movie that doesn’t have an interesting story or a good direction, though, as well the KISS make many efforts to destroy the movie with the absolute lack of acting experience, and several tantrums/controversy.

A really embarrassing movie, with a silly plot, full of errors (look carefully at the Frehley’s stunt), and not too good for the image of the group, that after the release take not only hold off from this work, but prohibits for years to anyone of the entourage to talk about.
The years anyway re-establish with fans (not with the group) and cinephiles this work which becomes the classic B Movie. So bad it’s good.
A label "Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park", fully deserves, wandering among the sci-fi and thriller and telling of how a crazy engineer (not a scientist), try to destroy the KISS and all their fans.
We are in the theme park in California "Magic Mountain", where KISS has a series of concerts, but the thing bothers Abner Devereaux, brilliant inventor of attractions and cyborgs whose budget is cut due to the crisis and due the Detroit group. Devereaux after subjected to his will thanks to a simple microchip, a tourist, creates evil cyborgs equal to KISS that must discredit the group.

The four true rockstars instead play the first gig and perform various actions showing superpowers, with Gene Simmons who also has a weird voice (but then sings normally yes ... he is a demon but ...).
Among some songs and some small and irrelevant actions we arrive to the final fighting between KISS vs. replicants helped by the men of Devereaux. A silly fighting between barrel, martial arts and the usual improbable powers of Simmons, Frehley, Stanley and Criss.

A trashy comic which as usual is so bad as to be an unmissable chapter for fans of the B's (watch it but don’t tell to Gene Simmons) also good for few songs of a group that has undoubtedly made good music.
We see also Anthony Zerbe famous for "The Omega Man", "License To Kill", "Star Trek", "The Matrix Reloaded", "Matrix Revolutions" and "American Hustle"

Technical Data Sheet
Original Title: KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park
Alternative titles: Attack of the Phantoms, KISS in Attack of the Phantoms (alternative), KISS en ataque de los fantasmas (Colombia), Kiss (Denmark), KISS - naamiomiesten hyökkäys, Phantom of the Park (Finland), Kiss Phantoms (Italy ), KISS contra los fantasmas (Peru), Grupa KISS walczy z fantomem (Poland), Kiss and os fantasmas (Portugal), El ataque de los fantasmas (Venezuela), KISS in Attack of the Phantoms (Germany)
Year: 1978
Country: USA
Director: Gordon Hessler
Cast: Peter Criss, Ace Frehley, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Anthony Zerbe, Carmine Caridi, John Dennis Johnston, Lisa Jane Persky
Duration: 86 '
Production Company: Hanna-Barbera Productions, KISS Productions