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The woman carrying a torch of Columbia Pictures bothered by William Castle, can ask only a thing "Zotz? What is Zotz? ".
Is simply, Zotz! Is a magic of word that can give voice to the symbol of the production company and triggers the events in this film of 1962.
A magic word that take William Castle away from his beloved ghosts and cursed houses, lead him in a fantasy comedy.
A change that doesn't not hurt the American director who creates a pleasant film, stylistically beautiful to see and with an interesting history.
Among the usual elegance of the time, a narration quite theatrical and flashes of humor we see the story of the eccentric Professor Jonathan Jones, a teacher at the College of Saracen Valley in California. Expert in ancient languages he ​​lives with his niece Cynthia which receives from her boyfriend an ancient medallion with strange writing. Naturally Prof. Jones can decrypt it and discovers the magic power of the word "Zotz!". Pointing the finger at someone or something and repeating the word he can inflict pain, kill or slow down time.
From here begins a long series of misunderstandings, of comic situations to which are added the interests of the two blocks, with American and Soviet agents very interested in these powers.
Simple, fast and fresh this story has a very strong moral and takes inspiration from the novel of Walter Karig from which it was taken away a lot 'of patriotism and some sexy situations.
A film that works thanks to the immense talent of Tom Poston, Broadway actor, film actor and above interpreter of many TV series and as some say, Poston is the artist who has interpreted more than ever.
It's on him, on his funny expressions that everything is based with the help of very valid shoulders, because Castle as usual chooses actors of a certain thickness with curriculum impossible to summarize, as Jim Backus versatile actor (among many things "Gilligan's Island "), Fred Clark, Cecil Kellaway, Margaret Dumont.

Technical Data Sheet
Original Title: Zotz!
Alternative titles: Zotz, the moneda mágica (Argentina), A Moeda Mágica (Brazil), Zotz, sort magi (Denmark), Zotz the moneda mágica (Mexico)
Year: 1962
Country: USA
Director: William Castle
Cast: Tom Poston, Julia Meade, Jim Backus, Fred Clark, Cecil Kellaway, Zeme North, Margaret Dumont
Duration: 85 '
Production Company: Columbia Pictures