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Santo Contra Los Zombies

After two rehearsals, our masked hero leaves Cuba, returns home and outlines what are the characteristics of the movies about his great adventures.
El Santo or El Enmascarado De La Plata, start here to show his skill in the ring, with long moments of lucha libre which occupy 30% of the film.
And above all he uses a number of gadgets (one can geolocalize people) that would envy any genius of Silicon Valley.
So the nice carousel of the Mexican hero becomes clearer, more crazy, more kitsch and in a word a lot more funny.
In this adventure directed by Benito Alazraki, in his only direction of the series, and written by the faithful Osés Fernando and Antonio Orellana, El Santo has to fight the zombies.
Now the word zombie immediately let us to think about rotten monster that eat humans. True. But here there is none of this, but there are funny men dressed as Robin Hood walking a bit 'mechanically. There is and could not miss the usual mad scientist/criminal who lead them and plan various crimes
Between lines definitely easy and fight scenes, our hero is called to the help the justice and especially the police.
Dr. Sandoval is, in fact, disappeared into thin air, and to use a term granted, the police groping in the dark.
Simultaneously, however strange crimes are committed and no one understands anything. Sandoval's daughter (played by Lucia Velasquez that we will see in many other films of the series) asks help to the authorities who in turn call El Santo.
He begins slowly to fight the bad guys, he saves some children of an orphanage, he saves the beautiful that is kidnapped and fights, always quietly but very effectively.
The result is a lot of fun that apart from some errors, it is not all bad realized. The cast boasts a number most expert players that help El Santo in his mission. And we are only at the beginning of a large series.

Technical Data Sheet
Original Title: Santo Contra Los Zombies
Alternate Titles: Invasion of the Zombies, Santo vs. the Zombies (International) Zombies, Os Mortos Vivos (Brazil)
Year: 1962
Country: Mexico
Director: Benito ALAZRAKI
Cast: El Santo, Armando Silvestre, Jaime Fernandez, Dagoberto Rodriguez, Irma Serrano, Carlo Agosti, Bugarini Ramon, Fernando Osés
Duration 88 '
Production Company: Filmadora Panamericana