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Blackest Heart

Translated into English the original title becomes "The German Chainsaw Massacre", and is a clear and wanted reference to Texas Massacre.

Now, don’t be impetuous in your opinion because it isn’t a copy, but is the means that the unfortunate "bad boy" of German cinema Christoph Schlingensief, used to laugh at and criticize the union of the two "Germanies".
Part of the trilogy on his nation, this film also known as "Blackest Heart" is 1990a splatter that makes low-budget his creed.
Everything is extremely minimal, the film used, the few locations not to mention the special effects.
Objectively, it is not a pretty vision, because soon the story diverged in a massacre where everyone screams and are the butchers or are slaughtered.

The good things are that is a very short movie and that it have exquisitely ironic and pungent aftertaste that makes us forgive the ugliness of style.
A merciless criticism and the reunification of the two Germanys, on the one hand those of the East on their (fantastic) Trabant fleeing to the West, and the other, at least a small group, ready to exploit the new arrivals to make sausages. In short, capitalism without limits.
In between there are some nice moments as border guards of the East who do not want to realize that everything has changed.
The activity of making sausages with newcomers is the work of a family that reminds partly that of Texas, having also a Leather Face. They welcome their compatriots of the East bringing them in a sordid abandoned industrial area where they killed.
This group includes Clara who is spared but imprisoned because the daughter of the family fell in love with her.
Then it's up to the girl, trying to fix things.
Great cast of actors among which there are Eva Maria Kurz, Karina Fallenstein and good Udo Kier. A good way to get into the cinema of an interesting director controversial and unconventional died prematurely at only forty-nine.

Technical Data Sheet
Original Title: Das deutsche Kettensägen Massaker
Alternate Titles: Das deutsche Kettensägenmassaker (Germany), Massacre allemand à la tronçonneuse (France), Blackest Heart, The German Chainsaw Massacre (USA)
Country: Germany
Year: 1990
Director: Christoph Schlingensief
Cast: Karina Fallenstein, Susanne Bredehöft, Artur Albrecht, Volker Spengler, Alfred Edel, Brigitte Kausch, Udo Kier
Duration: 63