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"An Age Of Magic And Mystery ... A land where no man Has entered"

Roger Corman hand an anthology of short novel written by Charles R.Saunders, entitled "Amazons" and published in 1979. He likes it.
He contacted the editor Jessica Salmonsons, which put him in touch with the author that adapt the story "Agbewe's Sword," for the big screen.
The result is an action and adventure movie similar to "Conan The Barbarian", with Nordic blondes in tight suit that flying away often in fighting scenes and between actions.
What's wrong? Corman we know is a genius of cinema and follow the trend of the time...
No, nothing wrong apart from the fact that Saunders is an African American writer and that his stories are about black women and in the end, he doesn’t mention this adaptation among his works.
The film directed by Argentine producer Alejandro Sessa is an incredible B movie that develops in sets rather than fake and poorly lit with an approximate editing, pointing all on the beauty of the actress.
No, there is nothing wrong, for us lovers of a certain cinema, because according to our tastes this movie it's a great B Movie. Tits and action. Do you need more?
Despite everything bad that can be said about this film of 1986 it must be said that the story is very fast and full of events that hold high the viewer's attention.
The protagonists Ty Randolph and Penelope Reed do their (dirty) work at least from the point of view of aesthetics also revealing, as always, that cosmetic surgery there was since some time ago.
The stories of these Amazons (?) are focused on the fight against King Kalungo, who shoots lightning from a finger, strangling the people with the power of thought (as a Darth Vader) and conquers the village of Imbisi.
The only way to defeat the villain is to use the sword of Azundati a sort of Excalibur hidden in a cave by thirty years.
The two-blonde Amazons leave in search of the weapon facing during their trip various adventures, among tribes of maniacs’ murderers, snakes, tigers and other maniacs. Losing the already skimpy costumes that magically come back to cover them and reach the goal thanks to a redskin sorceress.
The final battle with Kalungo lasts very little, just a couple of minutes, in which swords are crossed and are showing some number of stages combat.
Happy ending included within the walls of castles and caves no more credible than those of an amusement park.
Epic. Both in theme, that in the production exquisitely kitsch.

Technical Data Sheet
Original Title: Amazons
Alternative titles: Amazonas (Argentina), Амазонки (Bulgaria), Fúria das Amazonas (Brazil), Amazon (Finland), Amazons (France), Amazonki (Poland), As Amazonas (Portugal), Amazon (USA), Amazonas (Venezuela) , Amazons, Im Reich der Amazonen (Germany)
Year: 1986
Country: Argentina
Director: Alejandro Sessa
Cast: Ty Randolph, Penelope Reed, Joseph Whipp, Danitza Kingsley, Wolfram Hecth, Jacques Ardnt, Charles Finch
Production Company: Aries Films International, New Horizons Picture
Duration: 75 '