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The night of the haunted

In the memory we share we were running away

La Défense in Paris, the modern area projected into the future, as well as being the location of this movie is a good parallel with the choice of Jean Rollin, who leaves behind the vampires and the world of porn launching himself into a difficult theme : madness and asylum.
The latest attempt by French director who tries to straighten his career, beginning with the proposal to the producer Monique Samarcq of making a horror film in a short time and with the same budget of one hard. Done deal.
The savings operation continues with a cast taken directly from the porn, actors and actresses who for Rollin can star in other genres and that have here a great chance to show their skills.
There is a heterogeneous cast with the young Catherine Greiner (who died prematurely in 1994 at thirty-eight), Rachel Mhas and of course Brigitte Lahaie from porn cinema and Nathalie Perrey, other Rollin’s icon and several actors who have had experience in the Novelle Vague.
A union of interesting things that also includes a different direction from the usual, less tied to the past and more like the modern horror.
It all sounds wonderful, it seems a real turning point, but as usual Rollin must pay a series of unfortunate coincidences that undermine the success of this film.
The French director betting everything on Martine Delva who became very important for this work but who dies tragically a few days before shooting, throwing on the work (and on Rollin) a great sadness. Then the production wants more soft-core scenes and finally the distribution didn’t work.
Better known by the title of "The Night Of The Hunted" this film has a story that seems a bit 'stitched together and especially hasn’t a photography good as the previous, works of Rollin. However, it remains an interesting chapter in the filmography of the French director thanks to a breakthrough almost total and thanks to the interpretation, perhaps the best of her career, of Brigitte Lahaie.
Beautiful as always, the French actress plays Elizabeth a girl who appears running in a night in front of the car of Robert. The guy takes her home, she's confused, frightened and doesn’t seem able to remember anything, neither her past nor of things just happened. She asks not to be left alone, the two have sex, and then the next day Robert has to go back to work.
In those hours Elizabeth is retrieved from Dott.Francis, a doctor who works in a clinic for people who have lost their memory and that degenerate to become a kind of living dead.
A strange place, sinister, where there are inevitable maniacs who rape patients and where some of them try to escape.
And that's what Elizabeth tries to do at least until Robert finds her and tries to help.
A bitter end closes this work which Rollin said that if he could redo one of his films, it would be this.
Another missed opportunity to return to the “normal” cinema, which forces once again the French director to shoot porn movies that are actually better than his next horror movie.

Technical Data Sheet
Original Title: La Nuit Des Traquées
Alternative titles: Acoso en la noche (Spain), nyhta kynigimenon (Greece), Girl in Love (Italy), Night of the Hunted, The Night of the Hunted (USA)
Year: 1980
Country: France
Director: Jean Rollin
Cast: Brigitte Lahaie, Vincent Gardère, Dominique Journet, Bernard Papineau, Rachel Mhas, Cathy Stewart, Natalie Perrey
Production Company: Impex Films
Duration: 89'