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Cheerleaders Beach Party

Score With The Cheerleaders

They made us laugh, they made us cry and most of all they have been slaughtered, they were raped, they showed us their bodies, had fun a lot and have satisfied the perversions of either gender. The cheerleaders.
A subject that has inspired an endless amount of directors and producers who have put them in stories ranging from drama to porn.
Reading the title of this movie and a bit of the plot (the cheerleaders are trying to convince the players of the team not to leave) opens a world of fantasies and especially the certainty that we will see every possible situation involving the girls.
Instead by surprise this is a movie below is potential and we don’t talk only about the amount of boobs but also about is comic possibilities.
Chuck Vincent director, screenwriter, producer, who in his career has signed several comedies for adults and many porn movies, writes a story that is entrusted to Alex Goitein, which instead in cinema has done little.
A story that aside a good start is lost on the way, showing only a few interesting moments, not even reaching the goal of being a beach movie. Few beaches and little boobs.
Wandering in the boredom of history, we boys hope to see at least a little flesh, but also in this case "Cheerleaders Beach Party" disappoint, showing very little and leaving everything to the imagination.
Could be an interesting movie, because as we said, the story tells how four cheerleaders, Monica, Toni, Sissy and Sheryl try in every way to convince some players not to leave the team. They are loyal fans of Rambling University, and discover by accident that the best elements of the team are preparing to move to the State University.
Worry about this theft of talent (apart from the mustache seventies, the boys don’t seem special); the girls follow them in their summer camp at the headquarters of the hated opponents. There, of course, they do everything to prevent this change and with "everything" we mean diabolical plans ranging from boycott to the seduction and sex.
Slow, very slow, misinterpreted and badly directed, "Cheerleaders Beach Party" is not funny and has a cast of actors that apart from this episode did nothing in the world of cinema.