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Elvira: The Mistress Of The Dark

-I, ah... I can only play G-rated movies.
-Oh well, there's nothing wrong with G-rated movies, as long as there's lots of sex and violence

We have a huge affection for Vampira and we are in her side: Elvira stole the idea. As Picasso said "Good artists borrow, great artists steals" and considering that we have "met" Elvira in the teenage years and we have always appreciated her artistic dimension (...) we can forgot the possible plagiarism and we must admit of being also big fans of the USA horror lady.
In case you missed the great career of Elvira, here is a brief summary. Cassandra Peterson was born in 1951 in Kansas and grows with the passion of horror movies and a great desire to be a showgirl. At seventeen she is the youngest performer of Las Vegas and the gossip sees her alongside Elvis and then Tom Jones. After a small role in the movie "Diamonds Are Forever", she moves to Italy, where she obtained a small role in "Roma" by Fellini and where she forms a rock band that tours Europe. Back home she poses for the cover of "Small Changes" by Tom Waits and perform a comedy show in addition to posing (of course) for various men's magazines.
Then there is the turning point. In 1981 a Los Angeles broadcaster decides to propose a "horror show" as launch of horror and sci-fi b movies, previously presented by Larry Vincent. They ask advice to Vampira, who works a bit 'to the project and then leaves for disagreements and finally the TV found Cassandra Peterson.
Thus was born Elvira and the show "Movie Macabre". Maybe for her wide necklines and slits of the dresses or for the comic style, self-parody and irreverent, the show becomes a big hit. And this is just the beginning of the brand Elvira, which expands quickly and unlimited signing quite everything. Action Figures, comics, video games, merchandising of all types and in 1988 a movie. This One.
James Signorelli director and producer of "Saturday Night Live" is the director, the screenplay is written by John Paragon, Cassandra Peterson and especially by award-winning writer Sam Eagan.
The result is quite easy to imagine a comic movie, deliberately kitsch, light, and fast with a simple direction. Undoubtedly a beautiful B movie, very smart, which tells of our Elvira struggling with an inheritance. The right way and the right language represent at her best the character of Elvira.
The prosperous horror queen is looking for money to produce a show in Las Vegas and receives the call to go to a small town for the reading of the will of an old (and unknown) aunt.
Happy for the imminent arrival of money, she went to this little town that it’s more than conservative. With her vertiginous slits, her dark colors and her aggressive car (the Macabremobile, a modified T-Bird that Elvira will also use in appearances after the film) creates havoc in the country and of course she is viewed with suspicion.
The inheritance however doesn’t include money, but only an old house and a recipe book. Magic recipes that are also the goal of the uncle Vinni, another heir, who would like to conquer the world with these formulas.
Between gags, jokes and flirts, our Elvira can fix things and destroy the plans of her uncle. And of course she became a heroine for the local community.
Elvira dance on stage in a club of Las Vegas twirling two ribbons that cover her boobs, an excellent trash ending that crowns her as "Mistress of the Dark".
The quotations of various films like "It Conquered The World", "Killer Tomatoes" and the films of Roger Corman, combined with the parody of "Flash Dance", complete what is in our opinion a nice comedy, unfairly criticize by some reviews and nominated at the time for the "Razzie Awards".

Technical Data Sheet
Original Title: Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark
Alternative titles: Elvira: A Rainha das Trevas (Brazil), Elvira, Mistress des ténèbres (Canada, France), Elvira: Mistress des ténèbres (France Video), Elvira, reina de las tinieblas (Spain), Yön kuningatar (Finland), Elvira, a sötét hercegnő (Hungary), Elvira: Mistress of the Dark (Italy), Elvira, the dame de la oscuridad (Poland), Elvira (Philippines), Эльвира: Повелительница тьмы (USSR), the lady Elvira de la oscuridad (Venezuela) Elvira - Herrscherin der Dunkelheit (Germany)
Year: 1988
Country: USA
Directed by: James Signorelli
Cast: Cassandra Peterson / Elvira, Phil Rubenstein, Larry Flash Jenkins, Damita Jo Freeman, Tress MacNeille, Edwina Moore, Mario Celario, Lee McLaughlin, Bill Swearingen, Charles Woolf
Duration: 96 '
Production Company: NBC Productions, New World Pictures, Panacea Entertainment