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Abducted by the Daleks

Fans of the great "Doctor Who" is the time for the revenge. For this movie, a sort of parody. The reason is not because someone has parodied the subject, but because this film is a meatloaf soft-core tending to hard core really,really, unwatchable. And there are the Daleks.
Roman Nowicki Polish director leads, in a British production, a cast busty polish actress with silicon, and quite naked from the first scenes.
For about ten minutes the movie seems to work, because blondes in miniskirts hit something on the road, stop to investigate and trouble begins. So far everything is fine and we can also find references to various horror movies, but when one of them, Isabella, is lost in the woods and for some reason, undresses under the voyeurs  eyes of Daleks (that teleport her clothes) things start to go wrong, in the sense of cinema.
We are at the twelfth minute and Isabella starts to go around in the woods naked and poorly embarrassed. The Daleks, which are really maniacs, suck her in their horrendous spaceship and speaking English start to analyze her carefully (...).
The others seek her with great calm having also lesbian moments. So other two are sucked into the horrendous spaceship of the Daleks and analyzed with the robots shouting "Obey! Obey! ". The fourth instead is abducted and transformed warden. Between analyzes, whipping, laser between the legs strobe lights, the four try to escape and only the warden succeeds.
The chase takes human forms transforming the latter part in the most hard. The blonde is achieved by a hunter and then by a serial killer and is especially is tied to a tree, where it is palpated avidly and threatened. Then she escapes and goes to the police always naked complaint everything. But ...
No doubt, a bad film, uninteresting that has the advantage of lasting just 55 'and a passable soundtrack.
The rest is a disaster, with a production that also runs the exteriors in a studio, with four ugly actresses in that in some scenes are laughing. All digitally with a bad direction but because we are good we say that the effort to create the Daleks is admirable. But all there.

Technical Data Sheet
Original Title: Abducted By The Daleks
Alternative titles: Abducted By The Daloids
Year: 2005
Country: UK
Director: Roman Nowicki
Cast: Kararzyna Zelnik, Eliza Borecka, Sonja Karina, Lina Black, Maria Vaslova, Baron Trenck, Peter Dawn, Lenny Delmore
Duration: 55 '
Production Company: Herschell Z. Goldstein Productions